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so this is my brand new blog, i dont know who actually is going to read this. I generally have lots of things on my mind and this is gonna be my way of getting them out. For example:I was went on collegehumor today and saw the music video remix of Leprauchan in a Tree. it made me think, has Alabama become they most country state in the USA? well now that i think about it, was it just the media coverage? I mean why interview the guy with gold fronts and backwards fitted. However, he acted like he was on stage, trying to get the crowd into it. What the fuck. I’m going to keep my vacation plans to the “Heart of Dixie” on hold.So thats what my blog’s going to be. My rants on probably the most random topics you’ve ever read, hope you get something out of it.Peace


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  1. […] Basically, the news in Alabama covered the alleged sighting of a Leprechaun and the country-ass reaction of the witnesses. Need I say more? […]

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