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April Sports

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Ok so its the first week in April and sports should be heating up, but as of right now I couldn’t be more bored with both college and professional athletics.The Final Four sucked, no other way to put it. The last three games were uncompetitve blowouts. It didnt help the NCAAs that the first 3 rounds were awesome. George Mason beating UCONN was incredible. After that the competition flattened like beer thats been in a basement for a couple months. Another thing, how come the Final Four of MARCH Madness is played in April? That’s retarded, like if we named Mr. October in June.Which brings me to baseball; I hate baseball. Absolutely loath the sport. Its the most boring thing they could possibly devote millions of hours a year to on television. Baseball is in fact a detriment to the economy, losing millions if not billions of dollars of productivity to workers checking fantasy baseball stats. Baseball has they most ridiculous stats, like ERA. Some runs don’t count and then the multiplication is out of hand, Barry Zito has a 47.25 ERA at the moment.Also, the NBA regular season is winding down, teams fighting for that eigth spot or home court. you’re right, who cares? The NBA hasnt been relevant since Jordan left the second time. However, if Lebron makes a run deep, it could get interesting. But what the hell kind of name is Lebron?The two events im looking forward this month are the NFL draft (come on Jets at #4) and…and…i’ll get back to you, the Champions League is on.


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