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mohawks rock

Filed under: culture — Owen @ 7:19 pm

Their is nothing cooler than mohawks. Seriously, when you see a girl or guy with a legit badass mohawk, you automatically think, “they must do cool things.” That’s because one of those cool things is being showcased on the top of their head. It’s like a hint. A mohawk says, “Yea, you like this. This is only beginning.”MTV could definetly do a special on mohawks. “You think you know… but you have no idea.” True Life: I rock a mohawk. The social history of mohawks. I’d watch them all, hell i’d tryout. You damn right I have mohawk. This couldn’t be written without first hand knowledge of having a line of hair down the middle of your head.I remember my first mohawk. I was walking with some friends and i saw another kid with a mohawk walking our way. We caught eyes nodded and kept going. At my school you don’t nod at random people. Its unheard of. However, we were not random people; i didnt know anything about him at the time, name, age, hometown. All I know is that he understood one thing:Mohawks Rock.


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