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my parents are seriously crazy. I want this on record as part of a book that i may write one day in the future. I think i’ve explained my situation: I’m a pretty good kid, two biggest vices = drinking & poker. Drinking, i’ve stopped drinking liquor because its what makes me the most out of control and poker, i’ve lost money but ive stopped playing with money I cant really afford as well as never gotten into any serious debt like alot of college kids. For the past 3 months since I’ve been kicked out of school, I obtained a job at a local mall retail store (Puma, short hills Mall) where I’m in the top 2 or 3 sales since I’ve been there. I also got an internship in NYC based around my career goal, which is film editing. I’m currently helping the producer of a NYC based independent film as a casting assistant. All in all, I’ve done a pretty good job at making the best of my time since being kicked out, instead of becoming an alchohlic and putting the 5k savings account into online poker. Not to mention that I convinced BU to halve my suspension from 1 year to a semester, and already registered in class with a job(s) waiting and a place to live.However, today I get my ass chewed off because I slept til 1 and didnt clean the fucking kitchen. In the time I’ve been home I’ve been up early all the time and since yesterday I was out playing soccer in the 90 degree weather, I’m sore ( I went to sleep at NINE last night; unreal). I cleaned my room which she bitches about me never doing but I get nothing for that.This is the day after my dad, whom may actually be clinically insanse, practically disowned me because I washed my face with his washcloth. The shit I do around here that pisses them off is so minute and hardly ever merit the kind of backlash I receive. Especially, when compared to the congrats I get when I actually do something right. I’ve dealt with in a way where I think I came out alright and accepted that my family situation is fairly shitty.However, they fail to see there flaws and project most on me, or worse, decide that they’ve failed completely and there’s nothing they can do. It’s sad really.


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