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Life is good, crazy good

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So last night, I got into a car crash. It was raining it’s ass off and as i took a turn, I hydroplaned and the back spun around, across oncoming traffic and smack into a gaurdrail…HARD as fuck. It scared the shit out of me and got me to thinking about my life, cuz shit has changed.So seriously like 3 months ago, i had failed out of Boston University and really had no idea what i was gonna do. I wasnt sure if i should go back to school, whether it should be BU or some other school that would be shittier. I was a lost soul.So my first intention was to get back into BU, asap, because i didn’t know anything else. I walked into cuny city college about a week after i got back home. I started registering for psychology classes. The plan was to finish my concentration (which is like an under-minor at BU) this semester off; and with the grades I would be back at BU in September instead of January.After that frantic rush to get into these classes, my mom could sense I wasnt really into it. Thats because I had a different plan. I wanted to take film classes, preferably at NYFA. That way I could go back soon but having taken classes in my major that will help me to boost that very important GPA and still try to get into the LA internship program.Nevertheless, I never attended a single class at CCNY. My buddy got me an internship at Postfactory NY, a post production house in soho, and I got a job at a PUMA store in a local mall. Things were looking up.Since, I have made really good connections at Postfactory as well as learned alot. I was even offered a job twice. I turned them down because I wanted to go back to school. At the time it was probalay the wrong decision, but it may have worked out yet. However, I met a guy that worked there that needed extras for his indie movie he was producing. I helped him out with that, did some other shit and, BOOM, I’m an assistant editor. All this time I’ve been killing sales at the PUMA store and was accepted back to Boston University for the Fall 07 semester.It all happened so fast but I cant see how I could have made much more out of this terrible situation. 🙂


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