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Cuz shit has gone down. Since I last blogged (that is a terrible verb) I’ve started actually becoming an assistant editor which is a whole ‘nother entry. I’ve also made some moves back towards academia as well as important career moves.I’ve just decided that I’m going to break all these up into separate entries; one about editorship, one about my new step down the career path and one about going back to BU. I think im goin to make this one my first poker blog.I started playing poker almost as soon as I started college and had no idea what I was doing. Like my ex-athletes I quickly became hooked, my friends and I played basically every night and I started a facebook group that got completely out of hand. I lost a couple of thousand that year, but I kept trying to get better and I was definetly much better by the end of the year. Sophmore year came and I played maybe a little less but higher stakes. I lost alot but I learned a great deal this year playing with such better players. By this time I was also losing hundreds very quickly online.Summer came and I started doing better online, I was beginning to play at a winning level but I still didnt know what I was doing to do that. I was still thinking alot in terms of luck. Not wondering how bad or good the plays I was making were. I eventually started inflating my bankroll quickly only to lose it at higher stakes; I was still a losing player but at a slower rate.As soon I dropped out, I started playing tournaments online as was cashing in alot but still didnt understand what my strategy was but was slowly becoming more attuned to my play and others. I always felt that I was able to read players well and have a very good memory which is how I think my game has progressed to the point it is in what I feel is a very short amount of time. My reads were now translating online which I was proud of. I built my roll from 45 to 500 cashing in tourneys 4x in a row with one final table appearance. Impressive for me when I think about it but I still wasnt sure what I was doing and my collapse at the final table disgusts me now.recently I came in 2nd in a $10 tourny that netted me about 600, and then I started playing hu sit n gos. I think that overall I have a positive win rate HU but lost play way over my roll. At some point I cashed out and immediately ran bad, which was followed by tilt and continuing to play over my roll.However, Id rather gamble at higher stakes where I can both learn more and inflate my roll faster. I dont think that all high stake games are that tough. You do run into some sick players but alot are just as fishy as lower stakes. Id rather take a shot higher up than try and be some loser grinding it out as mid stakes “pro”.I do think that I will do my best to take the time and effort into winning a big mtt as well as work on my online cash game play but its all to make money to spend on shit i otherwise couldnt afford. Like sneakers, not like stocks and shit.Ill probably start posting some other poker happenings but im good for now. peace


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