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I mentioned in the last post that my script was looking better and better. That was the teaser. I think it was this past december while I was down in Georgia I decided to write a script. I had already pirated Final Draft 6 from somewhere so I felt it was time to use it. I decided to go for one of my favorite ideas, a bunch of dudes at a party with one goal: Double Team some slut. Haha.When you think about it, It has all the elements needed for a good script. Heroes, conflict internally and externally, etc. Plus, I could use caricatures of my friends for characters. So it’d be funny to at least me. I ended up writing about 17 pages by the time I left Georgia. It then sat on my hard drive forever as all the other shit happened. It was this same december break that my parents found out I had flunked out of school. Soooo, shitty scripts weren’t exactly a high priority.About a month ago though, I e-mailed the script to my friend Kali who is big film nerd, haha. But I knew that he would at least give me some feedback. He actually wrote a whole new version, 42 pages to be exact. Alot of which, he drew from my original, so that was cool.This weekend, we both sat down and ran through the script and made a solid 3rd draft that we’re both pretty happy with. I think it’s gonna be pretty funny and a solid movie in general. I really enjoyed going through the script and making changes to it that I thought would make it both a better movie and/or a better script. I always had a feeling I’d be good at it and trying it out only reinforced the idea. I hope to do alot more in the future.

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