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So this is summer

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Today I woke up late (9:30) and decide to bail from my internship. It felt really good relaxing at home without worrying about going to work tonight. This is the second time I have impromptu skipped my internship, though I think it will be the first time that I won’t be making up on Friday. However, neither time did anyone from Post Factory call me and ask my whereabouts. Its kind of dissappointing that I didn’t make enough of an impact for them to realize when I’ve gone missing; although there are a lot of new people there that I may not have made a great impact on. Next week and the rest of my time there I need to make sure not to get complacent and humble myself to the trick ass hoes that work there now.One reason i didnt feel too pressured to go was that I my assistant editorship is over. I got my last check on monday. On my final assignment, I had a rushed deadline and higher expectations. Apparently, on the last couple of acts I had, I performed less than perfectly. Its kind of dissappointing to me, I wanted to be excellent but with my experience, my schedule and the information I had I felt I did almost the best I could; which is still a sentence I wish I didn’t have to write. On my resumé, no one will know and I’m still confident this movie can take me places.On another note, I have been trying to get back in shape which is something I was really dissappointing this summer. It was the first I have not played excersized regularly. I have no idea how much weight I’ve gained but I know my six pack has been hidden underneath a bulge of fat that I have to get rid of. I ran and play basketball tuesday, ran weds and just got back from my first soccer game. I played alright when it came to touch and footwork, I had a sick corner kick that led to a goal, but I felt like I was gonna have a stroke after the game. I don’t care what anybody says, 45 minutes of soccer is 3x harder than 2.5 hours of basketball. Soccer is above all sports when it comes to fitness.And finally, I lost my recent deposit of 50 bucks on full tilt today. I used a 26 token i wanted to use last night to qualify for the ftops main event in a 7k gaurantee. I busted out of that about 2 hrs in which was dissappointing but I thought I played decently before overplaying my final hand. I caught a bad beat with A10 vs 8 10 that tilted me and I then caught screwed in a 5$ hu shootout against some idiot. It didnt help that I kept seeing fedex trucks go by when I was waiting for a package. I actually think that tilted me more than anything. Regardless, I blew through 50 bucks and was pissed off about it.Ironically, at around 5, like 3hrs after i went busto, the mailman came with my package. I got the nike dunk hi croc reflectors. I ordered them online from Overkill Shop in berlin ( on like the 4th of July and they just got here. They came with a chill shopping bag or something from overkill with a pic of some AF1 lows on it. I can see myself putting that to use sometimes though it’s kinda like a girls handbag; I’ll find some manly shit to put in it… like raw meat. I’m going to try and put a link of them in here but I don’t really know how this shit works. Once I get a new camera, Ill just put in my own pics. That’ll be fun.Until next timepeace.


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