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ape shit

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Loads to talk about. More important or more disgusting first? Ill go with the more important. My BU situation is still looking good but some new shit just popped up. After my last letter, a scholarship grant popped up only for about 5k and like 1.5 in another federal loan. So the money situation was looking sweet and I was getting all set to get my shit ready for the fall. Then a letter arrived saying that the 5k was contingent of me living on-campus. Holy shit, There is no way I want to live on campus again. Although I’ve heard that there are better guest policies and shit. I already told my friends I was living with them. So now I have to write another letter (e-mail) to housing to appeal that decision. Im confident it will go well, though they may reduce the scholarship a bit which would suck but hopefully not.

In other news, this friday there was a party at Post Factory because one of the tech guys was leaving to become an assistant editor on a legit sounding film, as well as another intern’s last day and some other shit. Regardless, I ended up getting pretty tipsy off various kinds of champagne by the time I left. I stopped over at Uniqlo and bought some Ts. Unfortunately I was too buzzed and ended up getting some neck cuts that I didn’t want/need so that was a waste.

Also at uniqlo, I noticed a wall of some basic grey jeans. Grey denim is that next shit, get up on it! I tried on the 34×34 which is what i wear in evisu’s and just about everything else that nots ridiculously baggy cut. However, I wanted to go more fitting (aka tighter) and they looked like they had alot of bagginess to them so I decided to just pick up the 33×34 and not even try ’em on. When I did wear them they were SOO tight! Like it fits on the hips but on my thighs theyre nuts. I think my waist is a 33/32 but my thighs must be like 34/35s! Maybe the most mixed bag shopping experience ever.

However, I did find out about some place to get some kicks I’ve had my eye on, so not a complete lose. On the train home, I literally passed out before we hit seacaucus and only woke up just in time for SO. I had to rehydrate and eat before i went out again that night which I did. I did manage to get in a tiff with my father before I left which ill detail later.

But it started because I tried to take a shit in the downstairs bathroom and things went horribly wrong. I felt the knot growing and I knew itd be a tough thing to pass but this was retarded. I eventually had a very hard ball of poop half way out of my ass and I was trapped on the toilet. If there were people there I would have cried out of embarrasment if not the pain, which was terrible; seriously I have no clue how guys could be gay. Especially if shit SUPPOSED to come OUT and not the other way around. A very weird experience altogether.

And that was the beginning of the night gone ape SHIT.


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