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So its sunday the 19th. Less than 2 weeks before I’m back at school; a little more until classes start (gah). This week I closed things up at Trattoria and Post Factory. I got to waiter one day this week. I wasnt perfect no but I think I would be in close to a week. Its so much easier than busing and your take is like 4x the cash at the end of the night. It’s really not that fair. Im definetly going to look for a waiter/bartend/barback job when i get to boston…

Fuck Retail, my bitch manager probably still hasn’t talked to boston about transfering me there so I dont know if I have a job when I get back to school. Exactly why I hated working there…

My Internship ended finally and it weird to say bye but I definetly learned a ton about the programs and the industry right up until I walked out the door. I met some other cool young kids that have a bright future in the business so thats a plus. There was hinting of possible paying work there in the future which is always awesome and everyone said I did a great job which is incredibly satisfying. Its exactly why I think I’m in such a better place when I return to school in September than when I left…

Right now as I’m writing this there is no internet connection in my house, wired or wireless. Shit like this pisses me off because were supposed to be this well to do family and even if we’re barely well off we should make sure the major appliances and electronics in the house are runnig properly. With two parents in technology based fields I dont see how/why this is an issue…

Yesterday and night were supposed to be this major booze binge but it didnt really happen that way. At kearney’s it was exactly who I expected to show up plus the appearance of Bonetti and Tony. I didnt really booze to hard mostly because i expected to go to the city that night, more on that later. The weird thing about Will’s was that I didnt feel nearly as awkward as I thought I would. I hadnt seen so many people in a while and had moved on that maybe I wasnt trying to be accepted so much that I felt more comfortable. Regardless, it definetly seems that by staying a little outside of that circle that I avoided the falling out that alot seemed to have and made lasting friendships with a few of them…

On the train I saw two things that I took notice, one how crazy a little shine can make a person. I tend to have a good read on people and never trusted when this one wanted to be friends when pussy from a friend was obviously his motive. Its still a little surprising how cold one can turn so quickly. I dont think I could ever change myself so much for such a superficial reason like sex. Which probably explains alot…

I CAN NOT WAIT TO BE 21! I was so pissed that I couldnt get into porky’s for my friends birthday. Fucking three months. There were so many hot girls outside the bar I could only imagine how many were inside. Fuhck. It probably will mean that I get that fake international student ID when I get back so Im not pleading people not to go to bars that night or only pregaming without hitting the field (haha) or ending up at frat parties all the time (although my time away showed me the gayness of BU frats can easily be surpassed). Its only 50 bucks or less and if used wisely It should last until I’m 21 or close…

Last thing is that something that makes life different for me is how much I have going on. I hang out with lots of kids that really have alot less stress and live carefree lives because of their stable home life. I dont really have that. Im not superclose to my family and Im in so much debt now that I absolutely have to be succesful or Ill end up like alot of the guys I see on the trains late at night. Its always interesting and a little depressing thinking how they got stuck with a job with such shit hours, the expanding gut and dingy clothes. Its obviously not how they planned on when they were little but was it just bad luck or the lack of something. Its scary because you dont know if they did the same thing as your doing now and your looking into a crazy Harry Potter mirror. Regardless, staying in touch with your situation as compared to other will help make decisions easier and aspire to be in a place that when your kids are growing up they feel comfortable to go to a bar and blow a hundo getting wasted because they have you to fall back on. Its something I hope I can provide…GO SEE SUPERBAD.

Movie of the Moment:
Superbad – Hilarious; best description I’ve read was in the NY Edition of the METRO ” Everything American Pie wishes it could be.” It basically establishes a new Frat pack.

Music of the Moment:
Soulja Boy – “Crank That”. Its too much fun to actually be called bad. (I hope your face is ok, Katie)
Kanye West – “Stronger”. Not amazing lyrically but he definetly accomplished his goal of creating an anthem. Haters, get over yourself. His sample of Daft Punk is so turned around your an idiot if you call it stealing. Also, the video was worth the 3 months of production.
Junior Boys – “In The Morning”. It just sounds really really good.

Honorable mentions:
DJ Khaled ft Everybody – “I’m So Hood”. T-Pain on the Hook and Rick Ross kills it. Plus, the beat is juiced.
Justin Timberlake – “Summer Love”. With the right system, it really sounds awesome. Also, when’s the last time an artist has crushed 2 summers in a row off ONE ALBUM. let me know.
50 Cent- “I Get Money”. Best song hes put out in a while, his line about VitaminWater in I think the 1st verse is hilarious.

Going to Florida soon. Later.


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