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Super Close Call

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So tonight was my second night out in Boston. Last night we just went to Aberdeen and hung for a minute or so, then me and Bic came back. Tonight, everyone was out and going out; but I am still only 20 so my options are limited.

We originally go to StuV/Thacther St. to meet up with Jess/Ali/Collen/Hannah and a bunch of others. We had a great time playing some card games and I saw a bunch of people that I haven’t in a long time. The girls at BU are SO much hotter than all the girls I saw when I was home.

So, since I’m only 20 I am not going to the bars with my rooommates, but luckily Maguire called me earlier and was going out. I get over there and it was cool. This fucking english girl had amazing tits. it was chill and on the way out I talked to Meredith, who is super super cool.

Regardless, the freshman took me to this fucking lame ass fucking frat party and within minutes of me leaving the cops walk in. IM ON THE FUCKING PROBATION OF ALL PROBATIONS!! They come in and talk mad shit, cursing and shit, but then only ask for school IDs which I think is weird. Still, if they decide to only alert the school, I’m still fucked 10x more than everyone else. They go downstairs and when they come back they have someone from BU’s dean of students. At this point I think my life is over and I’m hyperventilating (is this a gay bitch ass post by now?). He comes in and says he’s turning over ID numbers and we’re getting disciplined…[Verge Of Tears!]. As they’re spitting shit, Maguire tells me they know Prez Brown, but I don’t know the extent so thats option #0.

BLAH BLAH BLAH, the dude talks some shit and the cops let us leave. I go outside, sit down and try to figure out how to beat this. I can’t. I literally start to sob because I think my life is over, I have fucked up/out of school 2-3 times and there is No way I get let back in no matter what I say…

…10 minutes later, the dude walks over and says “Hey, I don’t plan on handing this list in but give me a call and we’ll work something out.*” He gives me a BU card and walks away.**

At this moment, I have no clue whether I am fucked or not but I seriously doubt I’m going anywhere until I am 21 or have an ID.




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