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One Down, 9 to go…

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Its the monday after the first week of classes, seemed like an appropriate time for an entry. Classes are sweet, my schedule is dope and job opps are looking up. No class monday or weds is sick and only one 3-4 on fridays is obviously manageable. Thursday are marathon’s but if I maintain my outloook on school as a job I’ll be able to endure for 10 weeks.


AR580 (History of Graphic Design) I take for the first time tomorrow. I’ve heard its easy and its something far more interesting than American Religious Thought which I switched out of.

HI364 (American history from 1945-1968) is just another Bruce Schulman history. There fairly interesting and easy to manage so theres nothing special there.

FT593 (Cinematography) seems really awesome even though its 6-9 on thursdays. It’ll be a challenge hanging in there after starting at 9am every thurs morning. But my teacher Eliopoulos seems really cool. The class is very hands on and I’m going to put alot of energy into it because I think I can come away from the class with a real understanding of the art of filmmaking. Its not something I’m going to take for granted.

FT360 (Understanding Film) is cool but I feel will be boring. The first movie we watched was kinda cool but the second was really corny. The discussion was so dumb that I almost happy. This should be an easy A if i just go to class.

I hope Im done with these weak like life story posts. Hopefully I can have something exciting by sunday.



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