No More Cake


"what up gangstas" – mclovin

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Been a while, just been a little busy. Here’s the scoop though: School is the shit. Everything about it is better than home. My house is ill, schedule is sick, girls are super hot and friends are the best. Once my camera gets here or I figure out this sony HD3 i’ll have some original media.

introspection time ( i dont know why this shit is underlined )
I think i’ve figured out why being a film major here is so tough. All of my friends are doing very practical, pragmatic jobs that involve going to school, learn the basics/tools and then getting jobs. As a film major, with so many different paths you learn how some people do it but are also taught that they are only guidelines and not rules. So when I’m done with school it will be incredibly hard to get a job to just start making movies. There is a whole other process to go through after school and what hurts is that I dont know about others, but often I feel like I am doing it alone.

But honestly I am doing great.


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