No More Cake


October 1

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So I made it through a month. I may or may not be going to Miami for this weekend. If not I’m going home as I have 6 or 7 days until my next class. Im definetely thinking of dropping this website as I don’t feel it’s really the right fit for me as a producer but it may end up looking really good on a resume or making my case to BU about their LA program (which i believed they lowered there requirements for to something reachable). We’ll see about that after miami and/or/if i ever finish their orientation video but it really is a hassle.

Im quitting poker (for a while at least) once I blow this last dollar. Somewhere I became really bad after playing really well for a while. I think i was playing well and didnt even realize it and now changed up a bunch of shit. Or maybe I really am running bad. Whatever, kitchen kills and maybe he’ll help me get back on top.

I made out with this really cool girl this weekend but definetly kind of blew it today as I never followed up on a date thing I said. I DID have to work but I should have at least texted her. Weak.

I have to have ADD because I took half an aderol and read half of a 300 pg book today in only about 3-4 hours of reading which is way better than my usual mode; plus i’m still really clear right now and I should be dead and wandering.

The book is “On The Road” by Kerouac. It’s awesome. It a book about the youth movement and the sprawling craziness of young men in a young America. I really like these books like this and I believe that I would have had a blast in these times. It was kind of the life I led a couple of years ago when I got dumb drunk and did only fun things and eventually got in to much trouble to continue. It’s also the lifestyle pro poker would lead to. however as much freedom I envy of these characters I also really look forward to finding that 1 person to settle down with and lead a very simple family life. I may write a story like this.

I also may just be plain crazy.


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