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This is gonna be Bad

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Im home in maplewood now because due to the columbus day holiday scheduling i have an incredibly long break. However, I have an incredible amount of work to do that is gonna last me almost all of September. I have my history papers which is gonna be a bitch cuz I have to finish the reading and need to pull as close to an A as possible on these papers. I also have an Understanding Film paper dude on some stupid french movie about Shot composition or some other form of the art that the teacher tries to teach as a science. That will be more time consuming than difficult but I did just get a 7/10 on my last response paper so I dont want to be lax and blow my grade. I also have a quiz in Cinematography that sucks cuz it will be on reading and shit that I think i got the wrong book for. I really hope I dont blow that. It hurts that I’m gonna be home during the week I could be studying with others for that. And finally in about 2 weeks I have my Graphic Design midterm which is like 20% of my grade.Good news is that I think Ill be able to split up the work in most of these and take some of the load off my back and my history and FT360 TAs have a liking for me so hopefully they go a little easy on me, but Im not relying on that.On top of everything TUV still needs their video, Jackie Robinson still needs their update and BU is having registration meetings already.Good god man, ill talk to you later


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