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One Month Away

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4 weeks from now, ill be getting ready to drink my face off as i’ll be turning 21 at midnight.

It’s been a long, strange crazy trip and it is definetly not one month from being over, but it’s way too cliché to say that it’s just beginning. I have no clue what I want to do except that I would love to go back to the DugOut, one of the first bars I’ve ever been in, definetly the first in Boston. So that would have some sentimental value but there are so many other places to go that I’ve never been that it may not happen. As long as im out with my friends and things procede to get a little out of hand than everything is fine.

Film school is stupid. Its pretty hypocritical when you think that were paying them buttloads of cash for them to teach us how to think about a pretty interpretive art form. My cinematography is the only one I know to have grasped this concept. He teaches us how he does things and also other ways to do things and lets us do our own thing with his sick dvx-100. We really get to learn and appreciate what goes into creating a great shot. Im hoping that this philosophy is shared with my future teachers. FT 360 is fucking retarded in the fact that this asshole is pressing us to see what he see in the film. Its fairly ignorant of him to assume he knows more than his students when the information about the subject is very readily available and open to interpretation. If it wasnt a lecture I am pretty sure that his ideas would be really easy to shoot holes through. Nagger better give me nothing lower than a B.

Everything else seems to be fine though, midterms are almost over and shit seems to be going fairly smoothly. Im just trying not to fuck up too bad.

im out


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