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Football Son!

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Every Fall semester the one that I haven’t missed yet) my friends and I sit around Saturday afternoon/night and watch college football on TV. While we say we’re fine with our school not having any cool sports team (unless your a hockey fan and who really is), there tends to be some jealousy watching the students in the crowd having a great time.I personally know that I would have enjoyed going to a sports school. BU definitely seems to be pretty vapid in the school spirit department.Sure we “hate” BC but not vehemently enough for the overall student body to not socialize or visit or whatever. It’s hilarious how many people are here because they didn’t get into NYU. A sports team that didn’t only matter above the 49th parallel would definitely enhance the bond that this school is missing between most of the students.Anyway, I decided to experience some school spirit for myself. I had bought a plane ticket to the Bahamas for the spring break that I never got to go on. But when I learned that the ticket was good for a year, I immediately planned on flying out to Indiana to take in a storied Notre Dame football game. I also want to see what partying in a suburban college town was like as opposed to a city.So this September I hit up my friend Will and told him to plan on me getting a ticket out there sometime in November. This just happened to be the season that ND decided to suck dick at football but it was still a great trip with some ridiculous moments. Check it:It was my first time to Logan Airport and it was really nice actually, some interesting designs on the floor though.Some dumb girl behind me actually argued with her dad about whether the Great Lake below us was an ocean.cimg0181.jpgI landed, hopped on a bus for another 3 hours and finally got to South Bend. After 10+ hours of traveling you’d think I’d want to relax, shower blah blah blah. NAH SON! It was about 9:30 10 o clock when we go to the house. I put my shit down and started boozing quick.Oh yeah, this is KearneyWe keep it real.Honestly, that was only a small portion of Friday. I didn’t include introducing myself by Soulja Boiing (yeah, that’s a real verb) into a room of shocked and probably a little nervous white people. As well as the other random moments that me and Will would ball out to rap music while the rest of the party was doing something else. I was too busy BUSTIN IT to take pictures but trust me it happened. This is already a really long post so I’m going to put gameday/night in it’s own post.To that story we turn-CAKE


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