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I could explain what happened that morning but this facebook wallpost should explain it:Tailgate we did. We proceeded to finish off some 100 proof toothpaste and go next door to see what was up. Then it got serious. This kid was hilarious…

about 30 seconds after the last picture

This kid is actually boys with Mark, he kept it moving.
So after we funneled the rest of the 30 and yell at some cops it was time to move on to the tailgate.
At this point I may or may not have been completely obliterated (about 11:30am). It doesn’t matter though because I quickly achieved that, too quickly in fact. I was cut off by 2 and the game was at 3:30. However, my other great friend, (also Will) was there as well as a bunch of other people, especially older brothers and sister and other alumni. There was really good barbecue around, I think there may have been cake? The lines for the bathroom were immense and that may have been the most torturous thing that I ever encountered. But it was a great time and something I am definitely jealous of.
And there were PEANUTS!
eventually we walked/stumbled into the stadium (which is really nice)cimg0272.jpgcimg0261.jpgcimg0276.jpg
I had great seats, although you’re only allowed to sit down during halftime.cimg0283.jpg
So anyway, the game was pretty good, if you like watching 2 really bad college football teams and having a coach blow a game by going for it on 4th and 7 when there longest play all day was probably about 5 and half. It did go into triple overtime though and there was a sick Notre Dame touchdown in OT2. Plus, Zbikowski did just about everything on defense and special teams. I was absolutely dead by the end of the game, I was hungover by the 3rd quarter. I passed out in Kearney’s bed when we got home in preparation for game night. That story in a new post.

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  1. I added your blog on the side of mine.

    That picture of the floor in logan totally looks like a cock and balls.

    Comment by chris — 12/04/2007 @ 4:45 pm

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