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I’m for sure a sucker for most things Asian Culture, esp Japan (Tokyo Drift is in my Top 5) which always seems to produce some really cutting edge stuff. From music to technology to fashion and now this whole illustrative art thing. If you don’t know what illustrative art is, here’s a great example.

This is the Takahashi Murakami video for Kanye West’s song, “Good Morning”. If you don’t know who Murakami is, GOOGLE THAT SHIT FOOL! Better yet read the Hundreds post on his MOCA gallery a couple months back, always a reliable source for what on the forefront of the design culture.He is one of the sickest artists that I know of, which is to say very limited. Both he and KAWS are the only two that captured my attention enough to really find out about their history, styles, inspiration etc. Be on the lookout for Murakami collaborating with some of your favorite brands real soon.Cake



  1. Kaws is overrated.

    Or I’m just bitter about everything he does selling out before I can buy one.

    Comment by chris — 12/07/2007 @ 6:08 pm

  2. […] The man knows how to keep his fans wanting. Recent examples have been the still unofficial Murakami Video, how he leaked only a snippet of Stronger on his mixtape and how it took like 3 MONTHS for him to […]

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