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Thank god they brought this back

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This is linked from below because the last post was getting long and if anyone actually does read this one page per post then its linked from the last post…

American Gladiators – since it’s been a day or two now I am just going to list things that i noticed in no particular order:

– The black guy’s name is Justice which I though was ironic

– The uber-white guy’s hair doesn’t move

– Toa is the biggest man alive

– Mayhem tries to be thug in a halter top

– They still have to wear uniforms to work

– Hellga legit sounds like a man and is built like a bowling ball on steroids

– Stealth is the only one that really seems to stay in character on the women’s side

– Crush is a beast at the joust

– In one post-match interview Hulk Hogan said “brother” about 12 times

– Hulk Hogan is so jealous

– The one girl’s suicide flip is fucking crazy on the ring thing

– Wolf fought animal’s for a living? What, was he raised in the circus?

– Holy shit, Toa is huge

– This show has to be rigged because the competition always seems unfair. Plus when the little Filipino chick beat won, there is no way that the tall Black chick slips 3 times at the top of the “Travelator(?)”. Not trying to defend my race or anything but the whole thing looked like at bad TV movie. Makes sense for the first episode though

– I would like to see whomever become the new Gladiators next season because clearly a healthy regiment of steriods is required

– Toa scares the crap out of me

Thats what I got so far, I may add to this as the season continues…


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