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This may end up being kind of long.It’s been about a month since the last post. Would like to say that ive been insanely busy, but I don’t think that’s entirely true.Not sure what I was going to write about anymore. O, I’ve been snowboarding. That was awesome. Here are some pictures:cimg0692.jpgcimg0703.jpgcimg0731.jpgcimg0699.jpg

there’s more but these are the highlights.

Moving on…School has started up again after a great little internship in the city. I worked for Zealot productions under Meghan Young, learning a lot about the making of trailers and generally the movie marketing industry. I was only there a week but it was incredibly valuable and interesting. I hope to work for an organization like that one day.

Back at BU, I’m taking 5 classes. History of communication revolution is gonna suck (too much work). African American representation is taught by a German national and it’s 4 1/2 hours long, ugh. Talk about your concentration camp. I have two classes with Garland Waller that are definitely going to be intensive but very work orientated so they will be worth it. And Video Production II seems to be a pretty cool group that will be fun to work with and another good experience.


I’ve been having these extremely weird recurring dreams where I live alone with 3 roommates that always have Always Sunny in Philadelphia type conversations. I’m Charlie of the bunch. The weird part is that we live in a house that looks like an old folks home lobby and our pets are a panther, an emu, a duck and a lion.If anyone know what this means than please tell me and I’ll keep you updated if it keeps going on. I’m pretty sure the lion ate the duck and fought the panther last night…



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