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Past Few Days

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The past few days have been pretty eventful. Last Thursday I was somehow able to wake up without knowing the whereabouts of my credit card, cell phone and TWO of my jackets. One jacket and my credit card were recovered. I still haven’t…After drinking way too much whiskey during LOST, which is so sick that it deserves it’s own post someday soon, we headed to the Atriumcimg0810.jpg

Which led back to Verndale because it was now midnight and too “late” to skip the lines but too “early” get to the bars. Things then began to spin out of control, for me at least.

I brought out my plastic pairs of sunglasses. Then Macs’ Ts got manhandled. Apparently dark sea-green is an ugly color, who knew? At some point, we decided to go to Our House.

At this point, I am not making any decisions correctly and have been told that I couldn’t make it into the bar without falling. And the mayhem continued…


I don’t even know who that girl in the front is (I’m pretty sure it’s a girl)


last sighting of the Spetsnaz


A lot of these pictures I don’t remember taking. Nor do i remember making fun of the bouncer as they were trying to kick us out. Or getting lost (while losing my coat and phone) or Grimes driving around looking for it (thanks for the effort). But hey, shit happens.


and now we’re even.



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