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WALE…coming soon

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So I posted the song a couple of days ago and have been reading more and more about him recently so I wanted to make a post now before he blows up in a couple of months.

Wale is a rapper from the DC/Maryland area that is making his name familiar around magazines like The FADER and he’s started doing some covers for URB and some other things.

He’s on Mark Ronson’s label. Mark Ronson, Kanye’s favorite DJ, the guy who found Amy Winehouse who is currently at the Grammys nominated for Album and Record of the year. So yea he’s got good management supporting him. He also has support from the Hundreds which him makes mention to several times in freestyles.

edit: Ronson is winner of Producer of the Year, Winehouse and Kanye also cleaned up. Yeah, he keeps good company.

His freestyles are pretty cool. He basically talks about girls, music and “streetwear” fashion. I like him as much the Cool Kids and Spank Rock who are more into the “hipster” movement. I put quotes because I hate those terms because it puts like a label on something that shouldn’t really have it; by that I mean fashion in general not just this stuff. But back to the music…

He can definitely flow over a bunch of different beats and his single “Nike Boots” has been licensed by Nike and it was an iTunes single of the week.

After all that is said I don’t know if his album would actually be that great. Hah, I hope it is but other than Nike Boots, which is still pretty great, he doesn’t really have hooks on anything and I feel like raps about DC and Nike SB will get pretty old pretty quick. Which may be why he’s not signed already. My friend, Chris, thinks of him as the DC version of Joe Buddens. Makes sense and since he’s the one that told me about Wale over the summer, it’s not bad advice.

There are a lot of more interesting interviews, with better writing, content and information than this at Wale’s blog. So check it out and don’t say I didn’t tell you so.



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