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There are so many things that happened on Spring Break that I have been putting off posting about it. But I want to write about other things sometime this week so I figured I better get it over with. It’s mostly pictures anyway…We left a day earlier than expected. Thank god Sophie knew what was going on or we would have been fucked.

Needless to say we were a little giddy in the airport… img_0581.jpgcimg0975.jpgimg_0596.jpg
They love their gangja…
Started on a bit of a downer. Our girl “Miley” slipped and landed on her beer bottle. Needless to say, life moves a bit slower in places where cops sell weed. By the time the ambulance came, it was pretty clear that we had made an impression…cimg0986.jpgcimg0989.jpg
She got patched up and it was pretty smooth sailing from then on chillin.jpgcimg1025.jpg
The parties were all set up for us and there were mad BU heads. But we met cool people and had a great time.
There was even a Beenie Man concert for us…
…with a HOT opening act…
and a 60 foot waterfall…
and some Minnesota Vikings…
No big deal.

During the day we chill on the beach and took a couple of excursions.img_0630.jpgimg_0734.jpgimg_0686.jpg
these guys were absolutely ridiculous.
and magic hour was an event every night…n913439_38328409_4513.jpgimg_0646.jpgimg_0743.jpgn913439_38328370_8005.jpg
and this was the best idea every
and then we did it all over again…
only issues was the bed situation got kind of awkward…cimg1259.jpg
HAHA!Post was way to long. Moving on.



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