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Diary of an all nighter

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I randomly pull all nighters to get work done. Ironically, I don’t always get my shit done during the dead of night while everyone else is dreaming of kittytitties. Instead, I bullshit some more and I’ve always wanted to write some of it down but never had the means. Well, now I do and you will read it…

– eat. a lot. 

– find good music that at least makes it sound like you may possibly be doing work. Recently my study tunes have been She Wants Revenge. Probably one of the creepiest bands ever but pretty perfect for situations like this. I think they’re based out San Fernando Valley, which explains why they sound like the score for a softcore bondage film…

– don’t be mad at the cheery people at breakfast.

– plan on going to the gym… but don’t count on it.

5 hour energys are godsends.

– Godsends may tend to be mild laxatives

– Take advantage of the early morning public toilet. Ruin it for everybody else.

– The people in the T at seven in the morning look miserable too. But it’s probably just cause they hate their jobs. Take light in their pain.

– uhhh…wear sunscreen?

– work on your blog instead of getting some rest before you face another 10 hours of school related activities

– don’t worry whats on your bed, you’ll be out before your face hits the pillow.

sleep tight



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  1. i had a dream of kitty titties the other day, bizarre…

    Comment by menlo — 04/09/2008 @ 4:28 pm

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