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May Day

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I wanted to post this yesterday but was so tired from only sleeping like 11 hrs this week.

So May is finally here meaning allergies, school’s over (for a few weeks for me), and summer’s around the corner (this sentence sounds grimey). First off, I wanted to thank everyone who has ever read this for making this my most popular month ever. I basically doubled my previous best while surpassing the 1000 view mark. Nothing compared to White People, but something quantifiable that I have achieved.

(the dip is from May. Don’t hate bitches)

I just struggled through one of the most ridiculous papers ever. Ironically, it was about blogs. But if you want to read 12 pages of rambling bullshit you can read it here.

The summer’s shaping up to be pretty exciting. I don’t think I’ll be as bored as I feared and I’m planning my first trip to the Left Coast. Staying a week starting in NorCal, hitting up HB, and finishing up in LA.

Before that goes down though, my friends and I have bought, paid and planned and one of our last outing together is going to be the Kanye West Glow In The Dark Tour. This shit is supposed to be one of the best concerts of all-time. I’ve only been to like 4 other shows and one was an All That tour featuring 98 degrees (before they got famous, so its chill) and I missed out on Kanye in NY with a Jay-Z appearance, so I’m really really excited to check this out.

I’ve still got to write about Maya’s visit, which includes Marathon Monday and probably something about tonight ’cause Cook’s getting knighted at the BU pub so things should be be fun. I’m videotaping it so hopefully things get wild.

I’ll leave you with what you’ll probably be missing 5/15.



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  1. First off what the hell IB Tristin? Second off nice Grimey slight, you win this time, but watch the blog in the not so distant future for a tribute to Cake or Tristin or whatever you are selftitling yourself.


    Comment by Grimey — 05/03/2008 @ 9:23 pm

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