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End of an Era

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Been a minute since the last post. That’s because I’ve been drunk as hell since thursday. Everyone’s shit is ending everyone’s trying to get in as much mayhem as possible before the go off to the real world. As such, I’m joining in even though I have class in less than a week. But my hungover web surfing has stumbled upon some cool shit.

This site has some interesting videos related to the rap game. Like 50 getting his chain jacked on stage at some concert somewhere and Suge Knight getting knocked the FUCK out

>>>>> The Shop NJ

N.E.R.D. released their new video to their first single of Seeing Sounds. Not gonna be a sick as seeing it live tomorrow but whatever. 

I inspired yet another blog. Check the blogroll and notice Laura‘s site chronicling her time interning in LA in the film industry. It may suck but that’s not on me. I just had dinner with her parents which was a lot of fun. I can’t wait to make an appereance on her site this June. 

Kanye has put out some more verses out on different tracks including the full version of the lollipop remix that i posted earlier. He’s into the vocalizer shit lately.

Lollipop Remix 

Put On – Jeezy featuring Yeezy. This one’s pretty cool. Kanye kills it with a surprisingly dark and moody verse that highlights the personal turmoil he feels in regards to his mother’s passing and dealing with fame and fortune (sigh). 

Plus a new Air Yeezy color. They’re getting cooler man.

New Blue Colorway

Ill probably add to this later.



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  1. thanks for the shout out….

    Comment by Laura — 05/16/2008 @ 6:32 pm

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