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I was planning a pretty epic post about the Glow In The Dark tour but unfortunetly things got too epic and I lost my camera. BOO. So all my great photos/videos are gone and considering I drank three 40oz on the hour ride in the party bus, my memory is pretty fuzzy. 

From what I can recall though is that this party bus was sicker than the last. It was more limoesque but still had fog and strobe lights. Carrie, who is pretty awesome, got everyone the Stronger shades (something else I lost before I got in). Everyone was hammered and considering the immensity of the stadium, that’s a pretty impressive feat. 

The lawn seats were a little farther away than expected. But the screens and the huge LED screen still made for great visual experience. Though it didn’t matter since we we’re late and MISSED Lupe and NERD. Probably the only real regret of the night, even if I spent way to much money on a SICK tour hoody. 

I would hate to leave this post without some media. Sooo I’ll steal from The Hundreds again and put up their videos again from Kanye’s performance at the G-Shock anniversary show, which was apparently more intimate and awesomer.

I’ll add to this as more people I went with put up there media.

Now it’s time to go pretend to graduate. More on that coming soon…



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