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So Exclusive: Air Yeezy Pearl

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The Air Zeezy legend continues to grow with its newest colorway. They call it Pearl.

It would be so sick and especially hilarious if Kanye just hordes these. On his next Cribs he just opens a door and theres like a dozen deadstock boxes of each colorway. They never get released and he just keeps people on edge.

I wouldn’t be surprised. The man knows how to keep his fans wanting. Recent examples have been the still unofficial Murakami Video, how he leaked only a snippet of Stronger on his mixtape and how it took like 3 MONTHS for him to finish the video. 

Speaking of videos, two “new” versions of the Flashing Lights videos leaked. Apparently, this was done beyond the control of Mr. West but hey, there’s no such thing as bad press right?

2nd Version – Follows a girl in the trappings of couture. I like. 

3rd Version – This one is like a weird ass horror movie. Don’t get it, don’t approve.

I hate not having a camera, which is why I haven’t wrote about me recently. I’m too broke to replace it just yet, but it shall come. 

California on Friday.



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