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So, Tha Carter III leaked this weekend. It was pretty much the status message on Facebook for anyone that listened to rap. Gotta love the mini-feed. However, looking through message boards it looks like it is not the final retail version and perhaps only a rough cut or something.

Regardless, the version that I downloaded is like 16 tracks of a soon to be classic album. The cover is already fucking sick. Check out Tha Baby Carter:

Those that know me, know that I generally listen to the hook more than the track. However, I actually been listening to the lyrics on this album and I must say I am impressed. For a young cat that is always high and has a penchant for Promethazine, his lyrics are surprisingly deep and intricate. So far the only track I haven’t liked is “Phone Home”. Mainly because the hook is nothing but dumbass off key yelling.

The highlight to me is the song he has with Jay-Z, aptly titled “Mr. Carter”. 

Their is also a song called “Misunderstood” but can’t host it on here because the 9-minute lyrical lecture is too long to upload onto Ripway. He goes off on the plight of African-Americans in this country and how false idols aren’t doing anything to help. You should click the link above and listen the whole way through, it’s pretty awesome.

I feel like Hip-hop is taking back the game from Hip-Pop. From Kanye and Lupe to the upcoming Nas album this summer, fans seemed to have given up on the candy coated dance tracks and are yearning for songs with at least a semblance of a message.

Also inspiring is that artists are adapting to the changing trends to accommodate for the influence of punk, rock and electronica within their music. Even Common’s new single has a house beat.

This being said, I am very anxious for June 10 and the unveiling of the new N.E.RD. album. The band has been ahead of their time for a while; but the newest trends makes their music much more prevalent and they still have potential to change the game.

I’m just impressed I haven’t been able to download it yet.




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