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Mark and I left early Monday morning to drive down to Macs’ in Huntington Beach. We were on the road before 10am. We took the 5 because it wasn’t necessary for me to see the scenic coastal highway and figured we would find a way to entertain ourselves during the really boring parts.

Around Gilroy, we bought the best strawberries I had ever eaten. Apparently, that’s the coolest thing to do in Gilroy, set up a stand to sell fruit but at least they know what they’re doing. The landscape was very yellow except for the farms which were very green. Overall, it was actually really nice had it not been the same for miles in all directions.

Luckily, we had just downloaded The Carter III and Seeing Sounds. Combined with the new Gnarls Barkley and some Ratatat, we had a lot of good music to listen to for the first few hours. We stopped at In and Out for lunch (double double animal style :-)) and when we got back on the road I played Semi-Pro through the car audio. It’s pretty funny actually, definitely worth the rental at least. By the time that ended, we we’re just outside LA and we started blasting Tupac to get in to the mindset. About 45 minutes of the infamous LA traffic, we arrived at Macs’ crib in Huntington Beach.

First, I brushed my teeth.

Then we changed and jumped into the pool/hot tub in Macs’ backyard. It took me about 7 minutes before I ate shit on the skateboard. A bellyflop later, we tried to play water volleyball against Macs’ junior Olympian sister and friends. That was short lived and we eventually decided that just chilling and playing with his dogs, bitch ass Mao Mao and a pretty awesome Charlie, was the best idea. We eventually moved inside to the Wii until dinner was ready, which was the only home cooked meal I think I ate the whole trip.

Garrett’s visit was a pleasant surprise. He is clearly on another level but is also doing very well for himself as up and coming manager and producer. We basically sat by the fire and the pool (these kids fucking love the water) drank a few beers and talked shit. Next, was an “excursion” to the Pacific at night followed by a fruitless trip to some local taco place that ended up being replaced by Jack In The Box and their big barbecue sirloin burger.

I ended up passing out in Robbie’s top bunk but was completely startled by how Pink the room was when I awoke. It’s unnatural how much pink is contained in this room. It’s also jarring when you’re called upon by the Mother of the house to perform a series of flexibility tests within an hour of gaining consciousness. I did discover the wonders of molecularly emaciated Perfect Water though.

The three of us went out to Taco Loco, some hippie run Mexican place in Laguna Beach. It was easy to picture LC and those kiddies running around trying to be celebrities in this little town. We said goodbye to Mark and impromptu made our way to San Diego to meet with his friend Steve.

Although it was cloudy and breezy, Macs and I convinced ourselves to try and go surf in the cold ass Pacific. I took a piss in their ocean and bailed, way too cold for that day. Steve is an aspiring sushi chef so we went to his work to sake bomb, grub and watch the Lakers game. The food was really good and we had a pretty good buzz going by the time we got home. A few games of beerpong later, we borrowed some skateboards and cruised through the streets for the awesome California burrito. I really enjoyed that since I didn’t actually learned to skate in the month I allotted myself. More beerpong and then we passed out playing NHL ’08.

We bombed past a Maybach on the ride home in the morning, reheated the spaghetti, played some ball and headed to the beach on some bikes. Riding along the PCH was definitely something that you can’t really do in NJ on the Atlantic. It was nice out and there were a lot of hot girls on the beach. Plus, the cold ass ocean was actually refreshing but the waves reminded me of the Hamptons about a year ago so I wasn’t in there too long. After that I went home to pack and it was time to head up to Los Angeles.

And that post will be the last chapter of this trip report. And it will have pictures!!



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