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For some time now, I’ve wanted to write a little bit of the impact I have seen of the blogosphere on me, my friends and my generation since I have really started to put forth an effort in my posts. The social history of the minute portion of the blogosphere that I get to witness first hand is pretty dope. Plus, I get to toot my own horn a little bit.

One of my favorite things about this site is the archive features. I get to look back and see what I was thinking, feeling and writing over 2 years ago. My first ever post was pretty much a reaction to one of the most ignorant best videos of all time…

Basically, the news in Alabama covered the alleged sighting of a Leprechaun and the country-ass reaction of the witnesses. Need I say more?

The first thing I notice is how short all of my early posts, compared to how long a lot of my newest ones are becoming. Then I look at the writing and see how god awful it is. Besides the disregard for formal writing rules and techniques, it doesn’t really make any sense. My thoughts are jumbled and raw, like I sneezed on the keyboard and clicked save. It’s kind of rewarding to see that I can actually put sentences together if I want to now. Plus, I was huge hater and not as clever and witty as I am now. :-p

I quickly gave up on that and fell face first into the unmotivated college lifestyle that rewarded me plenty of good times and great friends. It also showed me how far I could fall when my grades slipped to the point of academic suspension. A year and a month later, I was back home grinding my way through work and internships toward my future. With all of my friends away at school and some priorites to get straight, I had a lot of time to spare burn utilize. So I started back up.

A lot of the reason why I got the idea to restart was talking online to my friend Chris. I believe I was in New York at the time and chatting on AIM he mentioned writing about something on his blog, Bigger Biz. I think it actually may have been Wale. He’s graduated in 07 and moved on a little bit but at the time, it was a chill little site that he ran with his brother for the entertainment of him and his friends. The ability to post your unfiltered opinions somewhere was cool. To me, my blog was definitely an online Journal (Diaries are gay) that I didn’t tell anyone for a looong time. But it kept me sane through that long summer when my future was hanging in the balance.

When I returned to BU in the Fall, the blog had become something that I had really gotten used to. It had evolved from a place where I CAN keep all my thoughts to where I SHOULD keep them. Over the summer, I had taken an interest into other pop culture blogs like Hypebeast, HighSnobiety, and especially Jeff Staple and Rob Heppler (formerly of HypeBeast). The former were cool because it was like the news for cool things that I cared about. The latter was awesome because they basically just took pictures about their lives in Streetwear. Staple was (and is) intelligent, well written and insightful. Heppler basically just hated on everything and put up randomass links but they both had the appeal of feeling like you knew more about them than you actually did. I felt that I could do the same thing regarding my life.

And I did. In October I got a camera and my first media enriched post is the infamous Cocktails and Class party at the Atrium. I started to tell more and more people about it, updating more and more frequently. By February 08, I was averaging at least once a week, with as many pictures and YouTube videos that I felt adequate. By December, Grimes had gotten tired and jealous of me talking about my blog all the time that he decided to start one of his own, J.D Someday, modeling it after his law professor’s. This is the first of the Trickle of Omgrucker.

It may have started before but I think that the frequency was due more to the increasing prevalence of Pop blogs, blogs that didn’t follow the political mood of the country. More and more began to become noticeable; celebrity blogs, celebrity gossip blogs, Facebook mini-feeds etc. The appeal of instant, informal communication was catching on. I’m pretty sure it was long before but by May, I had moved from Blogger to WordPress and the layout we have now; for no other reason than to emulate The Hundreds. Hey, I can have worse idols.

As the end of the year drew near, I started advertising more on Facebook and away messages and watched the blog stats grow steadily. Here’s the fun part. As more people started checking in, and saw how much fun I was having, they thought about starting their own and the trickle began. Laura decided that she would go and start her own blog to chronicle LA. From their, her friends began their own. Stef’s Smorgasbord is a pretty cool blog about all the restaurants she’s eating at this summer. Kali just told me that our friend Leighton had seen the site before he knew it was me. Something like, “Your blog was way cooler than it should be.”

To add to the Trickle I wanted to mention my friend’s blog. This isn’t exactly related to mine except that we’re both young, black kids from Jersey that are doing our best to stay on top of the culture we’ve accepted as our own. This kid Barron and his friends started Pocket Full of Paper. I think there’s like 4 of them that update at an incredible frequency on all things Hip Hop. While it’s clear that they are Kanye and Pharrell fanboys, they still are some of the best at finding and sharing new alternative music. I thought I should share.

All in all, I feel that my own little blogosphere has grown immensely in the past year and I really don’t see anything really slowing it down anytime soon. In fact, now that I have graduated and my friends are being scattered around the world. I feel it’s likely that more start to pop up. In fact, Mark may follow his brother Sean‘s footsteps and get an advanced blog on PSFK. This isn’t just a trend, it’s a shift.


Keep Eating Cake

Edit: I completely forgot to mention Taylor‘s blog. Also, while she’s interning in NYC and more the effect of Laura than myself but that’s the Trickle. And I was just notified that Corrin has started one as well but is waiting in the wings to release it on the world. Be prepared.


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  1. Corrin’s blog is fuckin hilarious

    Comment by Laura — 07/23/2008 @ 8:23 pm

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