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I caught a little bit of this year’s ESPY Awards this past Sunday. I think it’s one of the better award shows on Television. Although, it’s fan voting which completely ruins the integrity of the vote (fans are stupid) the fact that it isn’t live means that you only see the best of what the show has to offer and it doesn’t end up running 2 hours over time. I hadn’t done a running blog in a while so I wrote down some notes on the show:

Host: Justin Timberlake at the ESPYs reminded me of Ellen Degeneres at the Oscars. Which isn’t to say that he was bad, he was actually very entertaining, he just seemed to try too hard. The fact that he can’t act, lacks comedic timing and still thinks he’s black made him the second funniest person at the show. His huge musical performance about the year in sports was pretty good though.

Arthur Ashe Award: As usual, this award and its presentation was really powerful. This year they honored 1968 Olympians Tommie Smith and John Carlos.

Like many people, I have seen this picture countless times and understood that it was an awesome moment in Black and American history. However, I never took the time to look into the history and the aftermath of this moment in time. The video really outlined the courage and sacrifice these athletes needed to go through with this act of heroism.

For the video itself, who’s idea was it to get Tom Cruise to narrate? Hopefully, the same guy that got Tom Brokaw to comment. Tom Brokaw is the present day version of Homer; whatever he says is how it happened. You don’t argue with the Brokaw. The most ironic part of the video was Ty Willingham’s only comment being something to the effect of “It’s amazing how fast this country can turn on you when you are proud of who you are.” Google “Ty Willingham fired from Notre Dame” and you’ll see he understands what it’s like to be dropped like bad habit. Still a great video, presentation and award.

Peripherals: Just some things I noticed…

– They had Lupe perform with a live band behind him but somehow it kind of sucked. It felt watered down or something.

– There was another “Beer Heaven” commercial. My beer heaven would be a huge house party with all of my friends that I’ve ever partied with and random B listers like Aaron Yoo and Malin Akerman all chillin enjoying the tunes being pumped throughout the house and out to the pool and BBQ.

– David Beckham presented Best Female Athlete. I wonder how often he thinks about how hot girls think he is.

Danica Patrick looked PISSED that she lost best female athlete. So much for graciousness.

– Brendan Fraser should be in rehab. For something. Anything.

– Kevin Everett got his swagger back.

Or maybe it’s just a limp.

too soon?

– No one will ever remember who the guy was that was paired with Adriana Lima

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly: This is kind of getting sad. Reilly as made serious movies in the past and has been considered a solid actor. Know he’s like a high school freshman trying to hand out with the popular kid in the senior class, Will Ferrell. Ferrell is a comedic genius for reasons that should be obvious. Those same reasons are why Reilly, and just about everyone else, looks retarded when he tries to imitate his style. It’s why Old School is better than Anchorman and why Talledega Nights and Step Brothers will always just be Will Ferrell movies that kind of sucked.

Ferrell, however, is a genius. The best thing I ever heard about him is that this musical number from the Oscars last year was performed at the same time as the party he was hosting at his house. Apparently, he lives up the street from the Kodiak and slipped out without annoucing it to his guests.  That’s comedic brilliance.

I watch TV so you don’t have to.



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