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VM'Ye 'S

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I will write about the VMAs right after I get over how sick his new/song performance is and the implications of what means for the new album.

Straight Geeked.

Oh and for the super “exclusive”. Heartless is another song allegedly from his next album (which I really hope isn’t actually called Good Ass Job). The video on YouTube is fucking crap quality but its the only thing out there right now.

Kanye is gonna take over the R & B game in 2009.


Updated: A leaked version of Love Lockdown has been released. Click the link to download. While it’s not bad, I definitely prefer the live version for the energy that it encaptures. The hooks are really lacking energy, are a little muffled and just sound wierd. You can hear how the beat escalates as the song moves along and the pain in the lyrics is more evident, which is worth a few listens.Many people believe (hope) that it is not the final version and the CD will have a remastered version that will sound a little better.

They deleted the VMA video from the sites I know how to embed but I was able to find one and decided to make a video for the mixed track I made. It is the leaked version with the live choruses spliced in.

Oh and the title of the Album will be 808s and Heartbreak

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