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So as KanyeWatch continues and the album’s release date inches closer, more songs have been released and even more have been leaked. Although the anticipation for 808s and Heartbreak is epic, the reception for the tracks that have been made public is not universally welcoming. 

Once I accepted the new direction of his music, after listening to Love Lockdown a bunch of times, I was thrilled to hear the little snippets of Heartless from grainy videos scattered around the Internet. Recently, the mastered version was released. I think the song is really cool and is at the very least a refreshing deviation from the bajillion Lil Wayne songs on the radio. 

Last time I linked to Zshare I got a warning, so I’m just gonna stream it and you’re going to have to find it yourself. 😦

So his first two singles are “good”. I quote because it’s hard for me to say whether I think the songs are actually superior or I am just giving them the benefit of the doubt. Since, two other tracks have found their way to blogs and I have to say that I am thoroughly dissappointed. Frankly, these songs suck.

The first is called Coldest Winter. 

The second is the unofficial leaked version of Robocop.

I think the best thing about Kanye in the past has been his progression from College Dropout to Graduation. His rhymes on features since his last albums up until now have showed that progression. However, this new Emo Kanye that has risen in these most recent tracks won’t due the same for music that his past albums have. I think if you look at music in the times around he past album releases, you would find that he starts trends that change the feel and sound of popular music. I don’t see that happening with this album based on these tracks. 

I was going to link to Elitaste‘s track by track review but he took it down, apparently not wanting to burn any bridges on incomplete information. To paraphrase, he went to the listening party and was not as reverent as he usually is about Kanye. He basically said that he thinks West has done more for music than most people in the game, but that this album could possibly be his Medellin. A disappointing work that displays an unrivaled love and passion for his art.

Based on that review and my own opinions, I probably won’t be spending any money on this album.



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