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So, I was down in Philly this past weekend for no particular reason but it ended up being a very good weekend to go. I got to check out UBIQ which is up there with Bodega and The Hundreds SF as one of the best “streetwear” stores in the country. I also was at Chickie and Petes across from Citizens Bank Park for the Phillies game 3 win, which was awesome; pictures below.

I was able to chill with people from, and spent a lot of time at the studio. I got to see how the ideal situation works and you should expect big things from them in the future. 

I also learned about one of the producers growing viral video venture on YouTube. It’s called thefreestyleproject, the idea to bring people together through the art of impromptu rhymes. Basically, you upload videos of yourself freestylin into the camera. Don’t expect me on it anytime soon, but it might be a good way to sharpen your skills or if you just have time to kill. 

You’re probably gonna have to message them for the password if you want to post something to their channel. Or you could just do video response or some shit. 

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