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Black Presidents To Represent Me

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I felt it was necessary to make a post about a our next president before writing about anything else. I think its kind of obligatory if you have a blog that isn’t focused on the completely irrelevant like LOL Cats. And even they might have done something while i wasn’t paying attention. I also did not want to make a short, blurby post that didn’t really capture everything that I want to express. That said, here goes:

Let this play while you read  

For anyone that knows me well enough to ask my political affiliations, they would know that I have almost none. I’m the “bad” kind of voter, that votes a certain way due more to his demographic than any information about the candidates’ policies. I vote Democrat because I am young, black, a New Jersey resident and that is what my parents have done in the past. I didn’t really make any decisions this campaign, they were already made for me. It’s why I didn’t vote in the primaries, because whomever the party felt was best, that is path I was willing to follow. It is why I wrote undeclared on my registration form; I am not decidedly partisan in either direction, and it felt wrong to add to the pre-poll numbers without convictions. 

That being said, over the past year or so, I have softly supported Obama based solely on social implications that is has upon our country. This has been beat to death over the past week, but it really does show how far the country has come in the very short period of about 50 years. Five decades ago, Obama would have had a nearly impossible time voting in certain areas of the country, while today a record number of people from all over the country swept him into the highest office in the world by an unquestionable margin. The change in culture from then to now came to an historic climax on November 4th.

The amount of states and electoral votes that won by the Obama campaign is even more incredible when the map is laid out in front of you. He won states in the South like Virginia that hadn’t voted Democrat for ages. This had been my biggest question during the end of the campaign. I understood that the Northeast and Mid- Atlantic regions of this country were predominantly “Blue”, and I was reminded to the point of nausea by the Facebook News Feed, Status Updates and Friends list. Not to mention the obvious support he received from the mainstream media, often based in New York. I always wondered what my Facebook page would look like if I was in a red state like Wyoming, or a swing state like Ohio.

While, the FB updates were incredibly annoying and the calls to vote were essentially useless (in my area, anyway). It was impressive to see all of my friends be so motivated to take part in politics. Although I pleaded ignorance to the issues, the vast majority of the people I talked to had substantial evidence as to why they supported whatever candidate they choose. While, it still was a touchy subject for some it was interesting topic of conversation, that I gleaned most of my information from. Without the swell of youth supporters I don’t know if Obama would have been able to separate himself the way he did. Plus, the choice of Sarah Palin didn’t hurt. (PS. Who’s Nailin Paylin is not worth it, for any reason)

Finally, it was amazing that something so groundbreaking kind of came out of nowhere. I remember a few years ago, I had heard rumblings of a possible black president, saw some clips of Obama denying that he would run and thought nothing of it. Then all of a sudden, his name is all over the Daily Show, he’s running point at fundraisers and attracting the support of impressive numbers of young people across the country. 2 years later, all I hear is “Yes…We Can”. Because of this, I can understand why some of my older family members and other African-Americans are so emotional about this. I had to work on Tuesday, and I remember talking about this with one older gentleman as I was ringing up his iPod and the emotion in his voice was moving and it made me layoff my Mom for her Barackitis.


PS Can someone please tell me the name of the song my title is referring to?? It’s stuck in my head but I don’t remember what it’s called.



  1. This election was an impressive show of community and acceptance that America has not seen since the sixties. Not only have we elected a black man has president but we have done so by a vast majority. “Yes We Can” has been heard from people of all races and all religions who have found hope and understanding in our new president.
    In the new film Cadillac Records, coming out December 5th and starring Beyonce Knowles, Adrien Brody, and Jeffery Wright among others, the rise blues and soul scene in Chicago in the 1950’s reflects the social issues we are dealing with today. As blues artists like Muddy Waters and Etta James gain popularity, the issue of race drops away in favor of music. The popularity of blues music brought African American culture to the masses in a way never before seen in our country, and now, with a black man as president it seems as a society we are trying to progress not only our attitudes about race but also religion and politics.
    Check out the trailer for Cadillac Records at

    Comment by Brenna — 11/12/2008 @ 1:24 pm

  2. the phrase “dead presidents to represent me” is from Nas’ The world is Yours and then was sampled by Jay-z for Dead presidents. I don’t think Black presidents to represent me is from anywhere important

    Comment by Mr. Nigger — 11/12/2008 @ 1:54 pm

  3. nice name, dick. i probably just made it up. but it’s a dope title.

    Comment by Cake — 11/12/2008 @ 1:57 pm

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