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An Apple a day…sucks

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I have been an Apple Specialist for a few weeks now at The Mall at Short Hills. Somehow they have brainwashed people into thinking that it is the most awesomest, happiest, coolest place to work in the world.


Fuck that.

Regardless of how they like to dress it up, it’s a fucking retail store. Just because you can go on the internet or listen to iPods doesn’t make it any less of a sales orientated environment.

Not to mention, they put more pressure on their sales staff than I have ever been apart of. They regularly check your numbers and if your shit is slacking, they won’t hesitate to “deactivate” you. It’s not even worth getting into the specifics of what you are REALLY trying to sell.

They obviously recruit a certain type of person to work there since many have been working there for years and are younger than me. And they all are so into it, like there career goals revolve around working at a mall. Not to mention the Concierge staff, who I still am not exactly sure why there job is necessary.

I am gonna try to get into the creative side of things, where i just have to be able to teach people to use imovie, final cut, iphoto, etc. Then I just need to be a nice dude that can make their kids baseball games look exciting and not worry about sales.

The way it’s going I may only last til after the holiday season. It’s fine since the wheels just got moving on a project that is way more career orientated. Plus, if they stumble upon this post…


Apple baked Cake

PS If any of you wants a shirt THIS COLOR that has a pithy, homosexual remark on the chest and Specialist on the sleeve. Get at me. Going for cheap.


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