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Season's Screenings

So the holiday season is upon us, which means toys, games and huge, epic blockbuster movies. It’s Oscar season baby. One of the headliners this year is Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise (who is still crazy as hell) directed by Bryan Singer (X-Men, House). It looks awesome:

The funny thing to me is the release date. It’s scheduled for Christmas Day, which only makes me think of something that my Jewish friend told me in high school.

Me: Wait, so what do Jews do on Christmas?

Him: We get Chinese food and go to the movies.

I believe that there is a good amount of truth to this and it’s the definition of irony that a movie about killing Hitler will release on the unofficial Jewish Movie Going holiday. And I would have to assume this isn’t lost on any executives at the company that may be Jewish. 

Sigh, if only I were Jewish and everyday was Christmas, “That is a world that one day I would like to live in”.




  1. The title of your post invokes an anti-Semitic overtone. Your clever use of wordplay, by transplanting the word “cost” for “caust”, is an attempt to employ age-old stereotypes about Jews being money-grubbing leeches whose only concern is the almighty dollar. I hope you understand the sensitivity that many in the Jewish community feel regarding this generalization. Best wishes this holiday season 🙂

    Comment by Johnny Peepers — 12/05/2008 @ 2:21 am

    • That not what I was attempting to do at all. I was going to write about some more about it in the post but didn’t feel like it in the end. I understand that some over sensitive people could be offended by this, but they should read first and learn to ease up.

      Also, you shouldn’t be smug. Instead of sounding smart, it just makes you sound like an asshole.

      Comment by Cake — 12/05/2008 @ 9:33 am

  2. My apologies.

    Comment by Johnny Peepers — 12/05/2008 @ 10:15 am

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