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New Year, New Post

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Might as well get it out of the way…

I know not everyone had a great New Years Eve (sorry cherridymplez), but I did. Spent it with my best friends from college in NYC. We rented a pretty nice apartment for the night which alleviated problems about where to stay, also it meant we could all stay together in the same place. n911853_41920526_77251n911853_41920523_655

To party we headed downtown to Down The Hatch, a pretty shitty NYU bar that I wouldn’t recommend on a regular night unless you don’t want to dance, listen to good music or meet hot girls. But we had paid for top shelf open bar and I definitely got my money’s worth and there were a bunch of girls that wouldn’t be there normally so it was still a good time.


It was definitely a nostalgic night as all of StuVi was reunited and half of the Atrium or 2/3 if you include Elijah. Mark being there was kind of ridiculous considering he now lives about as far as possible from New York.

There were obviously glaring omissions but it still had the feel of senior year. I wish it still was.



In terms of reminiscing on 08, It was a great year. By far the most fun I had at school, which only makes me miss it more. At the same time, finishing school made 2008 that much better because it wasn’t looking great in 06.

While I don’t really have regrets, there are a couple of things that I would or would not have done differently but I’m definitely satisfied with what I actually did at the time (except maybe the night of August 31st).

In terms of looking ahead to 2009, I don’t do resolutions. I love fast food, I don’t smoke and being “fat” doesn’t get me down. The one and only goal is to get started on my career.

If I’m still working part time or in a mall Jan 1, 2010 this year will be a failure.

And that’s basically it.Thanks for reading, keep eating cake in 2009 and be on the look out for a new blog name/signoff/tagline in the coming posts. Something not as gay as “eating cake”.

Cake 2k9


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