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LOST is back. 

I didn’t get into the show right away. I remember going over  my friends house to pre-game one night and everyone was sitting in the dark telling me to shut up if I made any sort of sound while the show was running. I didn’t worry about it until I had some openings in my Netflix “Q” and decided to give it a shot. By the time Sawyer shot a polar bear, I was hooked. And now, I’m the one that  won’t  watch this with new people unless they know they should shut the fuck up during the program. 

Not gonna lie, last season made me skeptical. Every episode just drove you deeper and deeper into this mystery that didn’t seem to have any sort of plausible answers. The season finale was kind of melodramatic, since you’d suspect that getting off the island would be the series finale. But now it could be ANYTHING!

To best describe how ill this show is to the people who have seen it from the beginning, here’s an IM conversation after last nights episode (*POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERTS*):

click it for full size. Damn fixed width blogs. 


Hump days are the best days during LOST seasons. 



we’re not sexists. We love bitches. 


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