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I was writing this on my phone on Sunday:

  • No way he’s in. Arizona looks terrible right now.
  • Rothlisberger is starting to look more and more like a hall a famer and he’s only a year older than me. Fuck.
  • Seriously, Arizona’s D was underrated for a reason.
  • I’m not saying it’s over but Pittsburgh has scored there first two drives.
  • Arizona’s offense is starting to click. As I was writing that they found boldim for a huge gain and then they found ben patrick for a sick touch. This might be good.
  • None of the kick offs have reached the endzone. Weird.
  • First stop by Az and then a big special teams play. Returns are my favorite plays in football. But Mo is swinging for sure.
  • WOW. Picked. I’m glad that this game is not a blow out and is getting interesting. The Arizona running game is picking up and Fitzgerald finally got a catch.
  • Haha biggest play of that guys career. We were just talking about what plays the cards need to make before the end of the half and then they get a hundred yard int return.


So that’s halftime and my hands were really greasy and I gave it up on the phone. Overall though, I pretty much feel the same as everyone else that had no emotional investments to any of these teams. I expected a boring game, possibly a blowout, definitely not the back and forth battle that i was presented with. The past two Super Bowls have been fantastic really and I’m looking forward to the next one. 


On a side note, my friend, who I am pretty sure has run marathons in the past, ate a whole pizza to the face.




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