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So I saw the superhyped movie Watchmen the night it came out. I was about halfway through the big ass comic book graphic novel because my selfish friends didn’t give me enough time. Who basically says you should definitely read the book before the movie and then rereads it 3 days before giving it to you?

Anyway, my review of both goes like this. Book – meh. Movie – ehhh pretty good.

The point of this post isn’t to point out what was good or bad about either rendition, but the fact that both of those reviews get shit on by comic book nerds who jerk off to the Comedian. It’s always weird to me when some doesn’t understand another’s point of view.

Half of my friend’s liked the movie, a few other people absolutely despised it. Those few, loved the comic and praised the novel as if it was the comic book bible. It’s ironic when people get upset when something is adapted to a new medium and people despise that adaptation, not realizing going in to it that it can’t be the same because it is NOT the same; duh. A movie can’t ever fully encompass the feelings you have when you read a book, watch the TV show or whatever. What makes one good doesn’t necessarily translate to the other.

For example, the reason why books are so great is that if they are poorly written the reader’s imagination is allowed to fill in the holes that the writer left out, creating a completely personal experience that no one else would possibly be able to recreate onscreen (Or maybe that’s just me). On the other hand, if I book is written very well, the words play to your senses and encapsulate you in the world that the writer imagined. These books can flow like a Russell Brand punchline due to its verbose descriptions, but that’s a good thing. When the writing takes you to an exact place in time and space, then it becomes an escape that you do not want to put down.

This all came spewing out my mind when one night, after a long day in the city, I sat down on the train and pulled out the graphic novel. The seemingly safe guy i had to share a 3-seater with starts raving about the book. Although I had my head phones on (WHY DO PEOPLE TALK TO YOU?!!!), I was polite, took one out and started exchanging niceties about the book. Mine being much less than enthusiastic than his.

“I’m a bit of a comic book fan myself,” he says as he pulls a handful of adult picture books out of his messenger bag. This is I start to put my other headphone back on. Before I am able to seal out the world with earbuds, he lays down this conversational landmine:

“You know you’re gonna be addicted to comic books after that right?”

gepetoI jump on it with both feet.

“Nahhhh, I don’t think so…”

He gives me a look that makes me think of what Gepeto would look like coming down from his acid trip that made him think it was awesome that his wooden puppet was dancing around his apartment.  “Really…?”

Without a word, I put my haterblocker buds on and hoped he would get off before me.



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  1. I have to start using hater blockers in my vocabulary. On the subject, I agree completely with your take on books (with the exception of the bad books part, I just stop reading them). Despite my initial disdain for the Watchmen movie, I’ve made my peace with it and I think it wasn’t a bad adaptation.

    Comment by jesusgaray — 03/29/2009 @ 2:31 pm

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