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Friday, I spent the day in NYC and the night in Manayunk (Philly). If some more pictures show up from the night I’ll speak more on it but it was definitely a good night. The day was spent shopping, mostly downtown. The highlight of the day was finding a new spot for a great lunch. For that I’m gonna bite Stef’s Smorgasboard and try to do justice to what a real food review should be:

Me and Leighton are wandering from boutique to boutique procrastinating on making a decision about where to eat. Having decided on burritos we ask a cable repair man about a good spot to go. After giving us quick and easy directions, we ask the name of the “restaurant” for confirmation.

“Ku De Ba? Doba? Qdoba.”

If you don’t know, Qdoba is a step above Taco Bell and a step below Chipotle. The middle road in terms of fast food mexican. And what you probably don’t know is that I eat Qdoba all the time since it’s the easiest, cheapest thing to get for lunch while working at the Short Hills Mall. Not to mention Leighton is a former employee of Apple Short Hills as well and has had a bit of Qdubs himself. Are once promising location has turned into nothing more than a palatable reminder of dead end jobs.

We turned down Bleeker anyway to see what we could find and only a few blocks down we see an empty rustic restaurant that said “Mexican” and “Burritos” on the outside, which was good enough for us. I later used the internet to find out the name of the place was Bamboleo and we were on 170 Bleeker St. and Sullivan.

Inside we were able to grab a seat next to windows to people watch and as well as a 5 dollar beer. Free chips and dip. We eventually decided on a chorizo, peppers and onions appetizer and chicken burritos. When it all finally got to our table it was obvious that we had made a good decision.


This thing was massive. Quite possibly a perfect burrito in terms of shape and size, very tightly wrapped. Just to be sure I scooped out some guacamole to eat on it’s own and it was the closest thing to Californian guacamole I’ve had since getting back. Halfway through I started throwing on Tapatio and it just put everything over the top. Obviously, it was just one dish but definitely one of the better burritos I’ve ever had and would totally recommend this place to anyone looking to try a new Mexican eatery in the village.

Bamboleo, 170 Bleeker St, New York, NY, (212) 253-8226


OK, so I give my first attempt at a legitimate food review gets a C-. No big deal, I eat enough that I’ll get plenty of practice.



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