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Kanye’s Caps vs Diddy’s Twitter

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I recently joined Twitter and it’s blessed me with more inane web entertainment than I could have asked for. The fun comes in listening to the wistful wanderings of the celebrity mind. In your defense:

Grimes: who cares what people have to say when they shouldnt be saying anything”.

My response: Why not?

And millions of others share the same attitude.

This isn’t meant to be an essay on the social dynamics of the Twitterverse. I want to bring about a discussion of something I didn’t know existed until @Owordson became a reality. That would be Diddy’s command of rhetoric, grandiose and hyperbole that you would be hard-pressed to find in any other 140 character blurbs in history. Diddy’s ability to (self) promote isn’t earth-shattering but in it’s relentless digital form it draws up memories of yet another hip hop superego that should have his internet connection monitored. One, Mr. Kanye West.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading either’s electronic “eloquence”. I’ll present you a few examples and ask you to vote which is your favorite:

Exhibit A: Kanye’s Caps Lock

Picture 2

Picture 1

Picture 3

Bonus: His infamous, original yet too long to screen cap Bonnaroo rant.

Exhibit B: Twiddy (these are all taken from within the last 36 hours)

Picture 6


Picture 5

Picture 4

If that’s not enough, go check them out but VOTE!!!!




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