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To put the random things that I make…

and the amazingly random things I find online. Some you may have seen. Hopefully not all them.





I saw this somewhere online last night and I have to say that it definitely resonates with me. I didn’t know a lot about Jim Jarmusch before this but I’m definitely interested now.

I don’t know why but I’ve always felt something very similar to this. Observing culture, media and society bombards you with duplicates, clones and replicas. They just go by names like remake, remix and retelling. Or if they’re smart, the reteller just calls it inspiration.

There’s a reason why history repeats itself.

To no ones fault, it is incredibly hard to create something wholly original when the creator can only base their work off what he’s learned/seen/experienced in his life. If anyone has ever had similar feelings about similar experiences then it is no longer completely “original”.

On the hand, while it may not be original, it can still be authentic. And to me, authenticity far outweighs originality. Obviously, don’t completely rip someone’s work, but if you see something that moves you some how than it isn’t wrong to emulate it in your own vision.

I think I’m going to make this my first tattoo.

And no, I have not missed the irony.




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This video has been blowing up over the Internet today. I finally got to watch it and it’s pretty incredible. I don’t think the techniques are new but they are really well done. It’s by Patrick Jean of One More Production. Their site has a ton of other really cool videos to check out as well.

Pixel Invasion

This is the kind of stuff I want to do with my life.



Wait, What?

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I’m a huge fan of mash-up music. Especially rap over anything electronic. For me it takes often boring, monotonous drum beats and injects it with synthetic syncopated energy while still leaving the focus of the lyrics. Honestly, most of the time it doesn’t work out, with the sounds overtaking the song and sonically drowning the rest of the music.

That doesn’t stop me from going on voracious searches for the newest, most dynamic and musically intersting remixes, fixes and mash-ups on the internet. When I saw a friend’s Facebook link to a mash-up ALBUM of The XX and Notorious B.I.G., my brain spazzed out a little bit and I couldn’t click fast enough to listen to The Notorious XX.

Click the cover for download links, videos and more.

Wait, What? is the artist who blended probably the best rapper of all time with the new ambient-electronic act. The two sounds are polar opposites on the musical spectrum. It’s a must listen just because you can’t even begin to create a preconception.

In the end, it leaves me ambivalent. To me the idea is such an incredible idea that it created an expectation that any music would be hard pressed to live up to. It’s not life-changing but select songs will garner numerous repeats. And those selects may change depending on your mood.

My selections are below but my advice is to listen to the album a few times and make your own.




Keeping with the trend of awesome music videos, I ran into this dope video on YouTube. I don’t know anything about the band at all but the song is pretty chill. The real treat is the video. A crazy day in the life shot in 1st person done 3 different ways. It’s definitely worth sticking around to the end.

It’s the video for Luv Deluxe by Cinnamon Chasers.

Also, the girl in the video looks A LOT like Aubrey Plaza.

It instantly reminded me of The Prodigy video for Smack My Bitch Up. An incredible video that was banned from MTV, and not because of the lyrics. The ending for this is a trip.

If you haven’t seen it, check it out and the comparisons to the Cinnamon Chasers video will be obvious.

No videos here for a while.



Coldest Winter Ever

With a brand new snowstorm brewing in the Northeast. It’s pretty appropriate that Nabil Elderkin would drop his newest collaboration with Kanye West; here is the video for Coldest Winter Ever.

For a video that where the artist doesn’t appear once, it captures the mood of the song amazingly well. Although the visuals are enticing and impeccably done, I can’t help but think I’ve seen this scene before. Namely, the third Harry Potter and all the Lord of the Rings films.

Nabil is definitely breaking away from the pack in terms of artistic music video directors, but I don’t think he can say that this is his best work. I haven’t seen everything he’s done but I know that his Welcome to Heartbreak video is definitely the best thing he’s done with just Kanye alone. If you haven’t watched that, you need to.

Like 3 times.

In a row.

Your monitor is fine. It’s called screen-tearing.



Paper Parkour

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When it comes to filmmaking, sometimes there are ways to create excitement without expensive special effects, crazy camera movements or random explosions.

I’m looking at you McG.

While the video above is under a minute in length it is still able to purvey the exhilaration felt when it watching one of the most exciting “sports” in the world. They were able to capture the thrills with hard work, solid planning and effective execution.

Heres to a new year and decade of fun and innovative art.

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