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Can’t Get It Out Of My Head

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***************SPOILER ALERT****************

I saw Inception at it’s midnight opening and it was the best thing I had seen all summer, maybe all summer. I really want to go see it again but I haven’t had the time.

Luckily, it provided The Internet ample material for consistent entertainmet until I get to get back to the theater.

I would take out 500k in student loans to major in extraction.




Work Force

After 2 years of being a graduate and 1 year of being completely unemployed (not including internship(s)), I will finally be joining the workforce.

After sending out hundreds of resumés, countless emails, following dozens of networking leads. I got a call from Final Frame Post with the words, “We want you to come work for Final Frame.”

It’s still a little hard to believe, especially considering that immediately after the phone call I was doing pro bono work on an MTV show. And that I’m typing this at my other internship at Sixteen19 in midtown. I don’t think it’s quite sunk in and I don’t know if it will for a while.

The position is for  Night Techician. It’s a new position at a small but growing company. I can’t be too much more descriptive because it was hard for them to even describe what I’ll be doing; I will probably be doing different things every night. The company seems like they’re ahead of the curve, they’re flourishing using primarily Final Cut and they’re the only company in NY other than CBS to own a DigitalVision.

Honestly, this I needed this more than a lot of people know. My mom was recently the victim of corporate cutbacks, which made my dad the only person with a viable income for a family of four. Plus, my sister is still in school and I eat a lot of food. I could feel the fianancial noose tightening around the golden goose, particularly when we stopped springing for Heinz ketchup. I don’t mess with Hunt’s because that sauce ain’t baller to me.

If it wasn’t for the nighttime hours it would basically be a dream job. I should be able to learn a ton of stuff and get my hands on a lot of the technologies that go into finish films and tv shows. Assuming I don’t suck, I should be able to move up to being an online editor/colorist. They make a bunch of money, work with the top producers and directors and see all the right and wrong things on a production; in case there is a desire to become a producer or director.

The late shift might be a blessing in disguise though, as it could expediate a move into NYC. NJ Transit trains don’t run late enough to rely on, Path trains only come as close to my home as Downtown Newark and I don’t own a car. The best solution will be to become a NY resident as soon as possible and if I had normal hours, I would likely hang out in NJ longer than I will in this situation.

It’s all new and happening pretty fast. I honestly don’t know what I’ll have to say about the job, life and my choices in 6 months. But yesterday, I wasn’t sure what I would be doing in 6 weeks and now it seems like I’ll be fine.

And I’ll be dippin’ fries in Heinz all day son!



Still Getting Graded

When we made Johnny’s Leaving, we knew that we were going to need a colorist. I had been messing around with Apple Color at work but wasn’t completely sure how to use it. All I knew was that I really wanted to figure it out and this project was a perfect opportunity to do so.

After unsuccessfully looking for someone with any experience at all that was willing to work for us. I made the arrangements with Kali (director) and Paul (executive producer) to borrow a monitor and machine and perform the corrections myself. Having screened the film a few times now and speaking with colorists that have been able to take a look at it, I can safely say that it was one of the most satisyfing learning experiences I’ve had in my life.

Here’s a short reel showcasing some of the color grades performed on the film.

I used the Apple Color program to perform these grades. While it is definitely a powerful program, I really want to get my hands on an AVID Symphony system one day. It was a lot of fun learning and performing these corrections and I look forward to the opportunities to do more work in the future.



Paper Parkour

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When it comes to filmmaking, sometimes there are ways to create excitement without expensive special effects, crazy camera movements or random explosions.

I’m looking at you McG.

While the video above is under a minute in length it is still able to purvey the exhilaration felt when it watching one of the most exciting “sports” in the world. They were able to capture the thrills with hard work, solid planning and effective execution.

Heres to a new year and decade of fun and innovative art.


The Sizzler

Johnny’s Leaving Sizzle Reel. Just a first taste at what’s to come. Official trailer in the next few weeks.

Directed by Kali Baker Johnson

Shot by Leighton Pope

Edited by moi.

Music = The DescentShawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra





Over almost a week late, but we finally wrapped principal photography on “Johnny’s Leaving”. We still need to come up with a better title, though.IMG_0122IMG_0126 We had a crew sleepover Saturday night due to our 5:00 am call time. Straight middle school.IMG_5193We still looked like this when we got on set.
IMG_0127Sunday night we had a small celebration at our “favorite bar”.

IMG_0128 Followed by our favorite after party, ironically until about 5 am.

Teri Jacobs was our Art Director and took some really great pictures while we were on set. They definitely give you a better feel of what went down on set and what the film will look like when it’s done. Click for more pictures.





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We only got about 3 hours of sleep last night. Most of the crew is running on coffee and will power. I don’t drink coffee and am not the most strong willed of individuals. Plus, I forgot to get a 5-hour energy shot this morning. Sitting in this sun-filled room is definitely wearing on me.

The one thing that is keeping me up is the energetic songs by the Hollywood based duo, LMFAO. Everyone has heard their standard club trash song “Miami” but the other few songs I have are so much better. Here’s the one I have on repeat:

1.5 days til wrap the wrap party.


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