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I Might Need a Tumblr

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To put the random things that I make…

and the amazingly random things I find online. Some you may have seen. Hopefully not all them.





I saw this somewhere online last night and I have to say that it definitely resonates with me. I didn’t know a lot about Jim Jarmusch before this but I’m definitely interested now.

I don’t know why but I’ve always felt something very similar to this. Observing culture, media and society bombards you with duplicates, clones and replicas. They just go by names like remake, remix and retelling. Or if they’re smart, the reteller just calls it inspiration.

There’s a reason why history repeats itself.

To no ones fault, it is incredibly hard to create something wholly original when the creator can only base their work off what he’s learned/seen/experienced in his life. If anyone has ever had similar feelings about similar experiences then it is no longer completely “original”.

On the hand, while it may not be original, it can still be authentic. And to me, authenticity far outweighs originality. Obviously, don’t completely rip someone’s work, but if you see something that moves you some how than it isn’t wrong to emulate it in your own vision.

I think I’m going to make this my first tattoo.

And no, I have not missed the irony.



Slip on Summer

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Coming early next month, these will be my next purchase and will be beautifully destroyed by the time the Sun dips below the hemisphere for the winter.

Both > Red > Blue



Pen Man

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This is the coolest thing I have seen in a long long time…

All of these were drawn by hand with a blue ball point pen. Incredible.

Done by Juan Francisco Casas. Via BBC.


It Ain't A Sprint

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I’m mad late but here are a few pictures from my trip to Boston some weeks ago.

IMG_0101The swarm of freshman at the West Campus T stop. Ridiculousness.

IMG_0102My ninja fork skills at Mallory’s.

Since I clearly didn’t take a ton of pictures on this day. Here are a few I didn’t take.

While I had a really good time, saw a ton of old friends and met a bunch of new people, I can’t help but be a little dissappointed in this year’s events. I never made it to Beacon, where I spent the bulk of my undergrad Marathons, and where a lot of my other 08 graduates were. Also, had I made it to Beacon I may have gotten a chance to encourage Grimes as he passed by. Although I saw him later, I still felt like I blew it since his running it was the main reason why I was in Boston in the first place.

It’s too early to say if I will be back again next year, but if I am I plan on making a bit more out of it as it will almost definitely be my final time.



Act Ballerific, Like It's All Terrific

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Some pictures from the last month


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