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After 2 years of being a graduate and 1 year of being completely unemployed (not including internship(s)), I will finally be joining the workforce.

After sending out hundreds of resumés, countless emails, following dozens of networking leads. I got a call from Final Frame Post with the words, “We want you to come work for Final Frame.”

It’s still a little hard to believe, especially considering that immediately after the phone call I was doing pro bono work on an MTV show. And that I’m typing this at my other internship at Sixteen19 in midtown. I don’t think it’s quite sunk in and I don’t know if it will for a while.

The position is for  Night Techician. It’s a new position at a small but growing company. I can’t be too much more descriptive because it was hard for them to even describe what I’ll be doing; I will probably be doing different things every night. The company seems like they’re ahead of the curve, they’re flourishing using primarily Final Cut and they’re the only company in NY other than CBS to own a DigitalVision.

Honestly, this I needed this more than a lot of people know. My mom was recently the victim of corporate cutbacks, which made my dad the only person with a viable income for a family of four. Plus, my sister is still in school and I eat a lot of food. I could feel the fianancial noose tightening around the golden goose, particularly when we stopped springing for Heinz ketchup. I don’t mess with Hunt’s because that sauce ain’t baller to me.

If it wasn’t for the nighttime hours it would basically be a dream job. I should be able to learn a ton of stuff and get my hands on a lot of the technologies that go into finish films and tv shows. Assuming I don’t suck, I should be able to move up to being an online editor/colorist. They make a bunch of money, work with the top producers and directors and see all the right and wrong things on a production; in case there is a desire to become a producer or director.

The late shift might be a blessing in disguise though, as it could expediate a move into NYC. NJ Transit trains don’t run late enough to rely on, Path trains only come as close to my home as Downtown Newark and I don’t own a car. The best solution will be to become a NY resident as soon as possible and if I had normal hours, I would likely hang out in NJ longer than I will in this situation.

It’s all new and happening pretty fast. I honestly don’t know what I’ll have to say about the job, life and my choices in 6 months. But yesterday, I wasn’t sure what I would be doing in 6 weeks and now it seems like I’ll be fine.

And I’ll be dippin’ fries in Heinz all day son!




Making It In America (Most Likely)

A few days ago I got the opportunity to watch the new HBO show, How to Make it in America starring Bryan Greenberg and produced by the same people who did Entourage. Despite the marketing (which I didn’t see much of), it was expected to be the new Entourage based in NY instead of LA, following a graphic designer instead of an actor.

Alot of the reason I had any desire to tune in was because one of my favorite artists, Kid Cudi, has a role in it. The Cudder talked a whole lot of shit on his old Twitter account about him being a budding acting talent before he broke into music, so that had to be verified.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the list of other cast members flash across the screen as the opening credits played. Although I had no idea who Greenberg’s co-star Victor Rasuk was, I was excited to see the names of Luis Guzman, Shannyn Sossamon, and Eddie Kaye Thomas. And Rasuk ended up being pretty good.

I’m not going to layout everything that happened in the first episode because if you want to watch it, HBO has posted the entire first episode on YouTube, so click the picture below.

The reason its up on youtube is probably because HBO feels that this isn’t an instant hit… and they’re right. Just based off the inevitable comparison to Entourage, it’s flaws are apparent. The writing doesn’t sparkle with the same outrageous one-liners, the story is about the dirty work and not the glossy results, and the main character isn’t a millionaire playboy living a fantasy life of cars, parties and endless girls.

It’s for all these reasons that I will continue to watch. Let’s be real, nothing ever really happens on Entourage. Vince gets laid, Ari yells a lot, E tries to stay calm, Drama has issues and Turtle smokes weed. If it wasn’t for the dialogue and the titties it would be one of the dumber shows on television. I’m pretty sure every scene from every episode in which something important happens could be packed into a 1 hour special.

As an aspiring member of the NYC creative community, I can relate more to this than I anything I’ve ever seen on Entourage. It will be intriguing to see the portrayal of similar things that I am going through. The hero isn’t an emotionless sex vessel but a maturing character dealing with his internal struggles over his friends, love life and chosen profession. Issues that just about everybody goes through at some point.

And TV has enough quotable series, it’s always good to watch one that can be carried by substance over sex jokes. It looks like the season only has a run of about 8 episodes, so I’ll be watching through the season finale and if there seems to be some growth from now until then, I’ll be tuning into season 2.


PS aka Oh yeah

On the subject of Cudi, there really isn’t anything. He’s on screen for maybe 90 secs and does nothing but give daps, do a little dance and drink out the bottle. Pretty disappointing, it would cool to see him play some part in the growth of the hero but at this point he’s as useless as house phone.



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Vodpod videos no longer available.

I remember when I was in middle school and the early years of high school how much I really wanted to be on Real World or Road Rules. As I got older I realized how crazy the majority of the people on the show really were and how I couldn’t avoid the drama by bringing a Playstation. Eventually I realized that people that say and act however they want because “they don’t give a fuck about what ‘you’ think about ‘them'” have far more problems than the people that do and the fascination was gone.

Don’t get me wrong, a good 6 hour marathon of Real World on the weekends is a great way to nurse a hangover, but the new show I find myself drawn to is the Real World/Road Rules Challenges. They basically take the craziest, sluttiest, most desparate (and unhirable) people that have ever been on either show, pump them full of booze, make them perform feats comparable to American Gladiators and dangle a large cash prize at the finish line. It brings out the worst in people and the best of reality TV. Between this and LOST, Wednesday is my favorite night of televison.



Spread The Love

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Get familiar with Chester French. I know they’re not quite underground anymore but they’ll be all over the radio by summertime.

This is their new video to the single, She Loves Everybody. It’s tight. And they’re signed to Star Trek and get free BBC gear.

Damn, sluts.



Running Super Bowl Blog

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I was writing this on my phone on Sunday:

  • No way he’s in. Arizona looks terrible right now.
  • Rothlisberger is starting to look more and more like a hall a famer and he’s only a year older than me. Fuck.
  • Seriously, Arizona’s D was underrated for a reason.
  • I’m not saying it’s over but Pittsburgh has scored there first two drives.
  • Arizona’s offense is starting to click. As I was writing that they found boldim for a huge gain and then they found ben patrick for a sick touch. This might be good.
  • None of the kick offs have reached the endzone. Weird.
  • First stop by Az and then a big special teams play. Returns are my favorite plays in football. But Mo is swinging for sure.
  • WOW. Picked. I’m glad that this game is not a blow out and is getting interesting. The Arizona running game is picking up and Fitzgerald finally got a catch.
  • Haha biggest play of that guys career. We were just talking about what plays the cards need to make before the end of the half and then they get a hundred yard int return.


So that’s halftime and my hands were really greasy and I gave it up on the phone. Overall though, I pretty much feel the same as everyone else that had no emotional investments to any of these teams. I expected a boring game, possibly a blowout, definitely not the back and forth battle that i was presented with. The past two Super Bowls have been fantastic really and I’m looking forward to the next one. 


On a side note, my friend, who I am pretty sure has run marathons in the past, ate a whole pizza to the face.





So this was my running blog about the Super Bowl commercials. I stopped around half time with this too and I don’t feel like posting the actual videos and making this a super long post, I’m just linking them. All in all, this is a fairly useless post.

Pepsi makes terrible comparisons. This commercial just kind of pissed me off. 

Vroom vroom party starter. I’m pretty excited for Conan to take over the Tonight Show. 

I will be first in line at Fast and Furious and definitely in the theatre for GI Joe.  Probably not Year One or Land of the Lost though. 

I’d rather have an ostrich.

I hate the G commercials. But I can identify almost everyone in them because I watch way too much Sportscenter.

David Abernathy is a beast.

Take these broken wings, shankapotamus.

I want to draw things in life with my finger.

The 3d commercials gave me headache. (Fuck linking them.)

I’ll post my favorites that I may have missed.  

– why’s the first guy on the scene gotta be black?


The commercials were great but the special programs on Sunday were also great. I know a ton of people watched the halftime show because of Bruce Springsteen, but those people missed a much more entertaining show on ABC at the time. There was a special presentation of the show WipeOut, which is basically MXC in America. The main difference is that American producers don’t even pretend to make the course geared towards finishing but showcasing the wipeouts. It’s awesome.

And after the game, The Office put down a great episode. Watch the full thing on Hulu but the cold open is below. They marketed the guest appearances heavy but they did it well enough that I don’t think the show jumped the shark. 

And what’s a Superbowl without a little porn. You stay classy, Arizona.




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LOST is back. 

I didn’t get into the show right away. I remember going over  my friends house to pre-game one night and everyone was sitting in the dark telling me to shut up if I made any sort of sound while the show was running. I didn’t worry about it until I had some openings in my Netflix “Q” and decided to give it a shot. By the time Sawyer shot a polar bear, I was hooked. And now, I’m the one that  won’t  watch this with new people unless they know they should shut the fuck up during the program. 

Not gonna lie, last season made me skeptical. Every episode just drove you deeper and deeper into this mystery that didn’t seem to have any sort of plausible answers. The season finale was kind of melodramatic, since you’d suspect that getting off the island would be the series finale. But now it could be ANYTHING!

To best describe how ill this show is to the people who have seen it from the beginning, here’s an IM conversation after last nights episode (*POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERTS*):

click it for full size. Damn fixed width blogs. 


Hump days are the best days during LOST seasons. 



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