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I Might Need a Tumblr

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To put the random things that I make…

and the amazingly random things I find online. Some you may have seen. Hopefully not all them.




Still Getting Graded

When we made Johnny’s Leaving, we knew that we were going to need a colorist. I had been messing around with Apple Color at work but wasn’t completely sure how to use it. All I knew was that I really wanted to figure it out and this project was a perfect opportunity to do so.

After unsuccessfully looking for someone with any experience at all that was willing to work for us. I made the arrangements with Kali (director) and Paul (executive producer) to borrow a monitor and machine and perform the corrections myself. Having screened the film a few times now and speaking with colorists that have been able to take a look at it, I can safely say that it was one of the most satisyfing learning experiences I’ve had in my life.

Here’s a short reel showcasing some of the color grades performed on the film.

I used the Apple Color program to perform these grades. While it is definitely a powerful program, I really want to get my hands on an AVID Symphony system one day. It was a lot of fun learning and performing these corrections and I look forward to the opportunities to do more work in the future.



8 Seconds of a Lifetime

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This past weekend, I had the privilege of going to the Professional Bull Riding event at Madison Square Garden. I have no experience with bullriding or any other “farm sports”. To be honest I went into it expecting it to be no more of a “hoedown” type event with a bunch of drunkards speaking with a slurred twang.

It was mainly to go out on the city on a Friday night with the same friends I was planning on playing soccer with Saturday morning (more on that later). Considering that it was only 10 dollars for a ticket, held in one of the best arenas in the world and that a night out in New York City was part of the deal, I figured that it would be stupid to pass it up. It ended up being one of the most awesome events I’ve ever been apart of. Unfortunately, my only documentation was a long distance iPhone picture that’s not really blog worthy. But I found a clip on Vimeo that gives you an idea what the PBR is all about.

It was fantastically exciting. About everytime someone lasted more that 4 seconds, you’re heart was in your throat hoping they could hang on, you felt their disappointment when they could barely stay on for 2 and you erupted with everyone else when they hung on “The Full Eight Seconds!”. I never knew that 8 seconds could be so exhilarating.

Sure, there was a lot of plaid, cowboy hats and I even saw a bolo worn without a trace of irony. It was undeniable how almost every single person responded with a swell of respect for everyone involved. Their were numerous close calls, times when riders would be inches away from having their head crush by the bucking of a 2-ton rage-aholic. Praise was showered upon the lone cowboy whose infallible lasso handled any bull that got a little too feisty after jettisoning his rider. And even the flamboyant dancing clown/MC never failed to garner a laugh.

No one got a louder applause than the young heroes at “halftime”. Since this was my first time, I had no idea why there was a stable of sheep at the far end of the arena. Our vantage point made it a little hard to hear through the speakers, so I couldn’t figure out why there was a lineup of children being announced (did he just say “World Champion”?) until the first kid wrapped his arms around the back of flustered lamb.

These are the exact same kids that I saw.

It’s a little hard to tell, but the crowd went nuts when the red-flanneled toddler started doing his version of endzone dance after his ride. And the video cuts off before it happens but the entire building literally ERUPTED when a little girl held on to a rocketing sheep for the entire length of the arena. It was as loud of an applause that I remember when a guy hit a half-court shot at a Knicks game for $500k.

It is an experience in Americana that I would gladly return to and will recommend to anyone.



Ruler Of My Domain

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WWW.OWENRUCKER.COM is up and running.

More than owning a webpage in general, I am very proud that I am able to own the “” url. Being able to control at least a bit of how my name is depicted online is a rewarding feeling of identity.

It must be akin to the feeling that foreigners feel when they no longer have to go by an Americanized name. It feels like I am stepping out of the shadows into an Internet Spotlight with the entire world tuning in… even if it is only a few dozen people. It is the feeling that my site is an original self-representation that can be shown to any number of people I can only be described as near invincibility.

As I plan to update the content very soon, those updates will obviously be posted here when published. I invite you to take a look at the site and please take the time to leave any feedback, both positive and otherwise. I want to know how my presence on the web is received.




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So I posted earlier about Diddy’s Twitter and how kind of ridiculous it is. I just checked out The Hundreds blog and was pleasantly surprised that both Bobby Hundreds and Yasi had blogged about their love-hate relationship with the social networking phenomenon. They both have far more experience with Twitter than I, are almost semi-celebrities themselves and are far better writers than I, so I feel that their debasements are worthy of posting here to foreshadow my disillusionment.


Picture 8


Picture 7

Eat Cake

PS. Yasi is basically a camera-shy friend of the Hundreds owner that runs her own female streetwear line and generally is just a hilariously sarcastic Wilde-phile that doles out barbed “advice” to the unfortunate probable hipsters that think that she is at all qualified to solve their problems.

It’s a pretty awesome little corner of the Web.


Kanye’s Caps vs Diddy’s Twitter

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I recently joined Twitter and it’s blessed me with more inane web entertainment than I could have asked for. The fun comes in listening to the wistful wanderings of the celebrity mind. In your defense:

Grimes: who cares what people have to say when they shouldnt be saying anything”.

My response: Why not?

And millions of others share the same attitude.

This isn’t meant to be an essay on the social dynamics of the Twitterverse. I want to bring about a discussion of something I didn’t know existed until @Owordson became a reality. That would be Diddy’s command of rhetoric, grandiose and hyperbole that you would be hard-pressed to find in any other 140 character blurbs in history. Diddy’s ability to (self) promote isn’t earth-shattering but in it’s relentless digital form it draws up memories of yet another hip hop superego that should have his internet connection monitored. One, Mr. Kanye West.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading either’s electronic “eloquence”. I’ll present you a few examples and ask you to vote which is your favorite:

Exhibit A: Kanye’s Caps Lock

Picture 2

Picture 1

Picture 3

Bonus: His infamous, original yet too long to screen cap Bonnaroo rant.

Exhibit B: Twiddy (these are all taken from within the last 36 hours)

Picture 6


Picture 5

Picture 4

If that’s not enough, go check them out but VOTE!!!!




Bro Pro

So now that our event is posted and stickied, i figured it’s time for you to get a chance to know everyone. We have a crew bios posted at the website; this is the unofficial version. I’ve been planning this post since the 3am diner dinner we had on Rt 22 about a month ago. img_0040

First and foremost, we have our Director, Kali. He also wrote this current project, as well as many of our projects that we hope to do eventually.


This kid has been my best friend for like 20 years now and he’s been obsessed with movies for at least half that. By far the most opinionated person and that’s saying a lot considered I’ve lived with Grimes and Louro for 2 years. However, the stubbornness and drive boils down to vision when he’s working on his film and I think it will make for great art.

Next, we have our Assistant Director, James or Brent, depending on when and where you met him.img_0042

A talented actor with the most mainstream and traditional work experience out of our group. He’s not only going to work directly with our actors but is also going to make sure that our film won’t piss off anyone in Hollywood.

He also won’t laugh at any of my jokes.


Below we have Paul and Leighton, producer and cinematographer respectively. All four of these kids went to Temple University and have worked together before, which really makes the company that much stronger.

It’s not official yet, but Paul (on the left) is undoubtedly going to be the Executive Producer on this. The most money minded out of anyone, he’s dealt with all the budgets and numbers, not to mention he founded the company, Brotherhood Productions LLC. His second that I know of.


Leighton and I have similar styles regarding clothes, sneakers and parties. We’ve also both make poor snap decisions regarding all three. However, I’ve never heard him sound so sure of something as he does when he is discussing cameras, lenses or film stocks. Way more sure then when we discuss whether its worth driving 30 minutes for a party of unknown quality, which always ends up as a Yes and only sometimes is the best decision.

Since this dinner, we’ve added an Art Director as well as having another managing partner, but since I don’t have any pictures of them at the moment, they won’t be shown in this commemorative 150th post. Nonetheless, Teri and Rich are vital parts of the team and I’ll be sure to include them soon.

On another note, I’ve got tons of random pop culture ramblings that I want to get to in the next week or so. Stay close.


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